Comprehensive product portfolio

We bring strong capabilities for integrating multiple air pollution control technologies within your plant operations, extending from project development to after-sale services. We use the latest in computational fluid dynamics-based (CFD) predictive modelling to estimate the actual performance levels and provide performance guarantees based on a precise assessment of your specific plant conditions.

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One-Stop resource

FLSmidth’s APC technology includes a wide range of solutions to reduce gaseous emissions and particulate matter. With more than 8,000 systems installed worldwide, we are your one-stop source for cleaner performance in projects big and small. We have the experience and innovative technology to help your plant comply with environmental regulations, now and in the future.

Our portfolio of technologies together provide highly effective multi-pollutant emission control solutions:


  • ESPs and Fabric Filters for particulate removal
  • Dry Sorbent Injection and Scrubbing technologies for SO2, SO3, and HCl reduction
  • Mercury reduction with or without supplemental activated carbon injection (ACI)
  • Catalytic fabric filters for NOx, NH3 and VOC reduction


Targeted Solutions

We use our deep expertise and breadth of technology offerings to design emission control solutions tailored to your plant’s specific needs:

  • Rebuild – refurbish equipment back to original condition and capacity
  • Upgrade – install modern components to existing APC equipment for improved performance and reliability
  • Convert – reuse existing APC equipment housing to adapt a new design
  • Replace – build a new unit alongside and shut down and re-route ductwork


A solution for every challenge

Whatever your air pollution control challenge, we have the solution:

  • Designing, building and installing standard or customized air pollution control solutions
  • Turnkey solutions, full-scope delivery or key parts based on your need
  • Complying and exceeding environmental regulations requirements
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving for special situations
  • An efficient global network to source, supply and produce the best products at the lowest price


Leaders in R&D

Our commitment to R&D is unparalleled. Our full-scale R&D Centre at Dania, Denmark, is the largest R&D facility in the industry. The goal of our extensive R&D is simple - to achieve the highest possible pollutant removal efficiency while improving system lifetime and reliability. The result is an exceptional product portfolio that uses cutting-edge technology in manufacturing, fabrication and installation to provide air pollution control solutions that guarantee performance and are reliable and efficient. In addition, you benefit from the industry’s most economical total cost of ownership.

Reducing SO2 emission more than 97%

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Air pollution control services

Dealing with emissions responsibly and efficiently is a fact of life for today’s production facilities. Maintaining air pollution control equipment is critical for your production, profitability and the environment. In today’s world of strict emissions control, it’s a necessity.


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