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Mobile trippers and hoppers for discharge and receipt

Moving your material has never been more flexible than it will be with mobile trippers and hoppers to provide discharge and acceptance flexibility.

Mobile trippers

The mobile tripper, or as it is sometimes called “mobile overland tripper” (MOT), is an addition to an overland conveyor that allows for variable material discharge anywhere along the length the conveyor. It is essentially a mobile head pulley and chute.

Our mobile trippers are available as either wheeled, rail or track-driven units, and can be powered electrically, hydraulically or mechanically (by winch). The rail-mounted unit, which is the more popular option, rides along rails that are part of the overland conveyor’s construction. In a leach heap system, the mobile tripper unit moves according to the stacking plan, and discharges the material onto portable conveyors for the leach heap distribution system.

The mobile tripper car is a tripper that rides along the mobile stacking conveyor – and, thus, is referred to as the mobile stacking conveyor tripper (MSCT). This style of tripper discharges material off the mobile stacking conveyor’s belt and onto a cross conveyor that subsequently discharges the material onto a stack or onto a spreader conveyor.

Mobile hoppers 

Essentially the opposite of a mobile tripper, the mobile hopper receives material and feeds it onto an overland conveyor anywhere along its length.

The mobile hopper car, likewise, is the opposite of the MSCT, as it receives material and travels along the mobile reclaim conveyor (it is typically referred to as the mobile reclaim conveyor hopper, or the MRCH). An MRCH may be wheeled or track-mounted for mobility and flexibility.


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