Key Benefits

  • Material handling flexibility
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reliable operation

Move your material with greater efficiency

Flexible movement of your mining material has never been easier than using our efficient mobile hoppers to receive and feed bulk solids.

Sometimes referred to as a mobile reclaim conveyor hopper (MRCH), our mobile hopper car is the opposite of the mobile tripper car, as it receives material and feeds it onto the overland conveyor anywhere along its length. Mounted on rails, wheels or tracks for mobility and flexibility, the mobile hopper car provides a controlled feed of material. It allows you to eliminate the double handling of material onsite, reducing fuel costs and increasing safety, as there is no need to stockpile the material prior to the conveyor.

Flexible, efficient and reliable – Mobile Hopper Cars

Material handling flexibility
Self-propelled hopper car receives and feeds material at any point along the conveyor length.
Increased efficiency
Continuous material handling operation and less loading by shovels, loaders or excavators. Eliminates double handling of material and reduces fuel costs. High throughput and the ability to regulate your material feed, according to plant capacity and production targets.
Reliable operation
Handles high impacts and heavy loads. Distributes material evenly and steadily.

Heavy-duty material transport

Our mobile hopper cars are standard with reinforced framework for large capacities of heavy material and high impacts.

Heavy-duty wheels and tracks meet the demands of the harshest environments.

A complete range of sizes are available, with different mobility options, to meet your specific application. Choose from rail-mounted, wheel-mounted or track-mounted.

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