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Mobile conveyors for efficient material transport

As mining operations continue to look to more efficient and safer methods that require less energy and labour to carry out their daily operations, the adoption of continuous in-pit crushing and conveying (IPCC) systems is on the rise. 

The role of mobile conveyors within the IPCC system is important as they offer a number of advantages over traditional truck haulage methods. These include increased production throughput and reduce traffic congestion. Mobile conveyors also offer flexibility and cost savings above traditional material handling methods.

Mobile Conveyors

We offer extensive expert know-how, developed over the years, in designing, manufacturing and installing mobile conveying systems. From belt wagons, to belt bridges, we offer you total solutions for bridging the gap between the bucket-wheel excavator, the in-pit crushing station and the bench conveyor. Mobile reclaim conveyors reclaimers are designed to quickly and efficiently reclaim bulk materials from stockpiles at mines, ports, steel plants, power stations and more.

Our belt wagons (sometimes referred to as “beltwagons”) and belt bridges (also referred to as “beltbridges”) are available in various designs to support your different length and height requirements, and provide the flexibility and reliability necessary to support the entire system.

Our mobile reclaim conveyor system is very similar to a mobile stacking system, and the two systems usually work together on reusable leach pads. 


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