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Getting your materials to where they need to be - Mine Haulage Cars

When moving materials and personnel from point A to point B, you need Mine Haulage Cars that are dependable, efficient and durable. At the same time, not all Mine Haulage Cars are a good fit for every application. We offer the complete range of cars and trains for mine shaft systems, so you’ll always have haulage cars you can depend on — from point A to point B, and to any points beyond.

Arc-Flow Bottom Dump Cars

Our Dorr-Oliver Arc-Flow Cars are available in capacities from 70ft3 to 350ft3 and for track gauges for 30” up to standard rail gauge of 4’ 8-1/2”. When arranged with overlapping ends for continuous loading and ramp dumping, the Arc-Flow car train becomes an ideal application for semi or fully automatic haulage system.


Granby Cars

We have manufactured over 2500 Granby Type Mine Cars ranging from 40 to 300 cubic foot capacity. Many of these cars are still in operation today handling mine shaft systems production, waste haulage and in some cases, backfill. Granby Cars are practically all custom designed to fit our customers’ requirements. Standard proven components and methods of construction are combined with our long experience in underground haulage and mine operations to produce the best mine car value available in North America.


Tipple Cars

Tipple Cars are available in capacities from 100ft3 up and designs can range from simple tub-like construction to heavy-duty workhorses.


Grangesberg Cars

Grangesberg cars with overlapping ends and remote locomotive control at the loading chutes have proven to be a very efficient one-man high-capacity haulage system. The locomotive and cars are carried over the dump station by a series of rollers engaging a track on both sides of the locomotive and the car bodies. The bottoms of the cars drop away on the contoured single dump rail permitting unrestricted material discharge.


Rock dump Cars

Our Rock Dump Cars are the best known type of mine car in the world. FLSmidth has manufactured well over 3,000 Rock Dump Cars in capacities ranging from 10 to 60ft3 and these have included all possible conditions of track gauge and cage sizes, etc. The Rock Dump Car is very popular for development and production haulage underground.


Double Door Bottom Dump Cars

Double Door Bottom Dump Cars are high capacity main haulage cars designed for continuous bottom dumping and continuous loading. This type of car is well suited for high production haulage of primary crushed muck.


Self-Propelled Transfer Cars

We’ve designed and manufactured a number of air and electrically driven transfer cars for both underground and surface applications. These can be operated manually from the unit, or remotely from a control station. Transfer cars have tremendous possibilities for handling ore, waste, backfill or other material underground, and almost any free flowing material in surface processing plants. Potential is limited only by the working space available.


Man Coaches

As underground workings spread out, the time required to place men in the working areas becomes a major problem. We manufacture and supply a considerable quantity of man coaches with capacities ranging from four to forty men for various mines across the world. All designs provide maximum protection and as much comfort as possible with wood slat seats, rubber cushioned wheels and couplers and optional, sprayed on lining for soundproofing.


Zimmerman Timber Cage Cars

Zimmerman Timber Cage Cars are enclosed with expanded metal for trash removal from underground operations. Zimmerman Timber Cage Cars are available to handle the materials from 8 to 22 ft. long and to suit any compartment or guide size with special designs for slinging inside cages or for trackless mining operations.


Transfer Cars

Head Frame Transfer Cars are another one of our specialties. Designs are available to direct the flow of ore or waste in as many as four different directions.


Shuttle Cars

Drifting and development work always presents the problem of getting the loaded car away from the face and an empty car in its place. The Shuttle Car is an accepted and proven method of passing cars up to the face in most mines.


Service Cars

Transporting supplies and equipment both on surface and underground can be a costly and difficult procedure. We have designs available for almost any type of Service Car. If you have a service car problem, call us to find out how we can help you.

Top OEM equipment for moving vital materials: Mine Haulage Cars

As a MIne Haulage Car OEM, we can provide direct insight and resources to ensure that you enjoy a transportation solution you know you can depend on.
From bottom-dump cars, to self-propelled transfer cars, to cars for moving workers themselves, we have the right mine haulage car for any specific situation. This allows for increased operational efficiency and better overall returns on your investments.
Save on repair and maintenance costs. Our Mine Haulage Cars are made from high-quality materials and built to exact specifications, so that you can keep your materials moving longer between maintenance downtimes.

Proven technology from experienced Mine Haulage Cars manufacturers

Arc-Flow Bottom Dump Cars
  •  Available from 70ft3 to 350ft3


Granby Cars

  • Available from 40ft3 to 300ft3


Tipple Cars

  • Available from 100ft3 and up


Grangesberg Cars

  • Available up to 300ft3


Rock Dump Cars

  • Available from 10ft3 to 60ft3


Man Coaches

  • Available from 4 to 40 person capacity


Zimmerman Timber Cage Cars

  • Capable of handling materials from 8ft to 22ft long


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