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Our Merrill Crowe System offers efficient treatment of leach solutions

Through FLSmidth systems, we offer the complete silver and gold recovery flowsheet, including materials handling, crushing, milling, leaching, solids separation, recovery, and refining to produce gold and silver doré.

When recovering gold and silver, it’s vital to have a recovery system that can effectively and efficiently process pregnant leach solution. At FLSmidth, we have developed our Merrill Crowe Systems to recover silver and gold from sodium cyanide-based solutions utilising zinc cementation technology. With its numerous features that have been designed with safety and maintainability in mind, our Merrill Crowe System aims to bring reliable results to your site.


Since the early 2000s, our Merrill Crowe zinc precipitation system has been installed numerous times across the globe, boosting precious metals recovery worldwide. The system processes include solution clarification, deaeration, zinc addition, precipitation and recovery, followed by refining, all of which have been implemented in a way which reduces complexity and promotes sustainability.


Our equipment and systems are robust and require little maintenance. As most mine sites are not located near urban areas, we design and build for longevity and trouble-free service. Our design and development teams benefit from years of in-house and field testing, providing constant improvements to our products for longstanding performance in the most demanding conditions presented in the mining industry.


We stand behind our quality products, as all components, equipment and systems are covered under the FLSmidth one-point-of-source sales warranty, eliminating the need to get warranty assistance from individual component suppliers.


Our equipment and systems are available with many options, making our products versatile and better tailored to your specific needs. Depending on your project location, we can utilise our global supply chain to optimise equipment sourcing and fabrication locations to best suit your project needs and ensure FLSmidth can support your operation over the entire mine life.

FLSmidth Systems

  • Modular/Packaged Merrill Crowe Plants – 200 to 2000 m3/hr flowrates, complete pregnant solution processing plants from solids separation to solution clarification, deaeration to precipitation, metal recovery and refining
  • Deaeration Systems
  • Pumping Systems
  • Refinery – Smelting Furnaces, Mercury Retorts, Sludge Dryers and Calciners, and Baghouses
  • Mercury Abatement Systems –Smelting Furnace Exhaust Gas and Refinery/Plant Room Ventilation
  • Cyanide, reagent, and utility packages

FLSmidth Proprietary Equipment

  • Thickeners and Clarifiers, Counter Current Decantation Circuits
  • Deaeration Vessels – ASME VIII/Similar spec Full Vacuum Vessels in Carbon and 304/316 Stainless Steel
  • Zinc Feeders – Turntable zinc feeder for high production silver plants
  • Zinc Slurry Mixer/Feeders – Gravity/Suction cone feeder with steady head tank
  • Precipitation Filters – FLSmidth Filter Presses, Plate and Frame and Recessed Plate filters with optional plate shifters
  • Mercury Retorts
  • Flux Mixing and Furnace Feeding Systems


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