Stockyard equipment for bulk material management

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Reclaim your stockyard with stackers and reclaimers

Stockyards provide an invaluable function in materials handling, as they serve as material buffers, reserve storage or blended storage between incoming and outgoing materials. With their main functions being the safeguarding, composing and blending of materials, the best-performing stockyards are able to balance the need for high-quantity storage with quality services.

We understand that no two stockyards are alike. Configured in either a circular or longitudinal layout, stockyards typically incorporate stackers, reclaimers and stacker/reclaimers into their systems. While each stockyard may have different priorities, we know just about every stockyard faces daily challenges with inefficient material handling equipment.


Our bulk material handling systems for stockyards are based on an innovative modular design, and include a full range of productive and reliable equipment for every task and challenge in stacking and reclaiming.


In order to choose the ideal solution for your stockyard application, it is necessary to consider a variety of variables before selecting equipment type(s) and size(s). These include:


  • Required throughput
  • Material characteristics
  • Stockpile layout
  • Blending effect (if required)
  • Open or roofed storage
  • Future storage upgrade goals

A complete range of products to provide customised solutions for your specific stockyard equipment requirements

  • Stackers – stationary, radial or linear-traveling (rail-mounted or rubber-tired)
  • Reclaimers – boom-type , bridge-type, scraper or drum-type
  • Stacker/reclaimers – linear traveling bucket wheel models or circular-operating units
  • Automation options – BulkExpert™ for unmanned, optimised equipment operation

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