Key Benefits

  • Increase productivity and profitability
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Relocate with minimal downtime
  • Reduce emissions, dust and noise

Semi-Mobile Crushing stations help you meet your IPCC goals

Extracted minerals in opencast mining operations must undergo reduction to achieve a manageable size before they can be transported by conveyor systems for further treatment. 

If your mine or quarry requires only occasional relocation of the in-pit primary crushing station, our Semi-Mobile Crushing Station is the ideal solution, consisting of movable modules that can be shifted to follow the development of the mine site. The station’s ability to follow the operating face of the mine will considerably reduce your truck haulage requirements, along with fuel and other associated costs.

The Semi-Mobile Crushing Station provides maximum productivity, with throughput capacity that can reach up to 10,000 tph (11,000 stph). The crusher itself represents the core of the Semi-Mobile Crushing Station. Depending on your application, various types of crushers can be utilised within the plant, including the sizer, hybrid sizer, double-roll, roll or gyratory crusher – including our Top Service (TS) Gyratory Crusher, FLSmidth’s latest generation of gyratory crusher.

And when it is time to move, the Semi-Mobile Crusher’s modular design results in minimal downtime. Each Semi-Mobile Crushing Station comes complete with a feed or receiving hopper, surge bin, and discharge belt. Some models may also have a feed conveyor. The modules can easily be relocated in several loads through the use of transport crawlers.

Appropriate feed materials for the Semi-Mobile Crushing Station include coal, iron ore, overburden, waste, copper ore, limestone, oil sands, gypsum, chalk and similar materials.


Semi-Mobile Crushing Stations add flexibility to IPCC operations

Increase productivity and profitability
With crushing capacities that range from 1,000 to 10,000 tph (1,100 to 11,000 stph), we can design a Semi-Mobile Crushing Station that will match your plant capacity and increase your production and profits.
Reduce operating costs
The flexibility to relocate the primary crushing plant will optimise travel distances for haul trucks and belt conveyors throughout the life of the mine. The more you can reduce your truck haulage, the greater your operating cost savings will be
Relocate with minimal downtime
Constructed in modules, relocation is simplified, reducing downtime. The station comes complete with a feed or receiving hopper, surge bin and discharge belt. Some models may also have a feed conveyor. The modules can be relocated in several loads through the use of transport crawlers.
Reduce emissions, dust and noise
By reducing truck haulage, you will cut down on your plant’s CO2 emissions. The emission of dust is another aspect of materials handling that also can addressed with our Semi-Mobile Crushing Station. Not only will reduced truck traffic also result in less dust and noise, but the crushing station itself can be outfitted with water spray systems, dust extraction systems or enclosures to reduce its own contribution of noise and dust to the environment.

Robust and flexible

A relocatable crushing station offers larger operations a flexible option to minimise truck haulage from the operating face. Our extensive line Semi-Mobile Crushing Station designs allows the complete primary crushing system to be shifted to a different location within the mine or pit.

Direct-feed Semi-Mobile Crushing Station

With our direct-feed station, trucks dump directly into a hopper above the crusher, offering an effective solution for mines with hard rock, where a high, stable wall is available to position the crushing station.


  • Complete primary gyratory crushing station offers complete solution from one supplier
  • Flexible capacity range of up to 10,000 tph (11,000 stph) will match your production needs
  • Designed without apron feeder to reduce maintenance costs
  • Vertical design allows for small footprint



Technical data

1,000 tph – 10,000 tph (1,100 stph – 11,000 stph
Hopper Capacity
30 m3 – 550 m3 (39 yd3 – 719 yd3
Crusher type
Gyratory, including TS Gyrator




Indirect-feed Semi-Mobile Crushing Station

Our indirect-feed Semi-Mobile Crushing Station utilises an apron feeder at the bottom of the hopper to deliver material to the crusher. The indirect feed allows for a full range of crushing technologies, making this model applicable for all types of mining.


  • Accommodates a sizer, hybrid, double-roll, roll, gyratory or jaw crusher to effectively process any type of material
  • Low feeding height allows for cost-effective retaining walls
  • Modular construction simplifies relocation and reduces downtime
  • Advanced materials technology reduces maintenance time



Technical data

1000 tph – 15000 mtph (1,100 stph – 16,530 stph)
Hopper Capacity
80 m3 – 1200 m3 (105 yd3 – 1,570 yd3)
 Inner width of apron feeder  2 m – 4.2 m (6.6 ft – 13.8 ft)
Crusher type
Sizer, hybrid sizer, roll crusher, double-roll crusher, gyratory, jaw

Environment friendly, cost-effective and sustainable lignite handling for Barmer Lignite Mining

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