Key Benefits

  • Small footprint delivers big value
  • Long lifetime for gears and bearings
  • Gear unit that protects your melt pump

Our bevel-planetary gear unit is perfectly fit for melt pumps

Built for the specific needs of melt pumps, our two-stage MAAG® GEAR SPU bevel-planetary gear unit is known for compact design and longevity. The SPU Gear Unit rises to industry demands for high torque applications and absolute equipment tightness – giving you optimal performance for polymer production.

Designed to drive large gear pumps, our MAAG® GEAR SPU Gear Unit features a Klingelnberg cyclo-palloid bevel stage and a planetary gear stage. The output shafts serve as the timing gear, with two spur gear wheels rotating in opposite directions. Used as a booster pump on twin screw extruders or for other aggregates, the SPU Gear Unit simultaneously drives two counter-rotating shafts – making it ideal for melt pumps.
MAAG SPU gear unit connected to a gear pump for polymer production

By using state-of-the-art design tools and manufacturing machines, we ensure that you get the customisation you need from our MAAG® GEAR SPU gear unit, without long delays or overblown costs. The industry-leading compact design of this two-stage bevel-planetary gear unit makes it simple to fit in tight spaces – giving you big output, with a small footprint that works in your plant configuration.


More than the sum of its parts

Our SPU Gear Unit delivers high performance with quality-manufactured parts. The sun pinion and planet wheels are made of alloyed steel, case-hardened and ground with the necessary longitudinal and profile modifications. Made of heat-treated steel, the precision-cut teeth of the annulus ensure unvarying meshing and reliable operation. All shafts of the SPU Gear Unit are bedded on roller bearings, providing smooth function and allowing the maximum life from gears and bearings.

We use the most modern manufacturing techniques to ensure the highest lifespan of gears and bearings within the MAAG® GEAR SPU Gear Unit – delivering longevity and ease of maintenance for your polymer production plant.


Competence by design

The sturdy, compact design of the SPU Gear Unit is no accident – our qualified engineers have a long track record of optimising solutions in the area of special gears. We combine solid engineering competence with innovative design and manufacturing tools to implement effective, real-world gear solutions that address the unique circumstances of your applications.

Our engineers use software tools for 3D modelling, structural analysis and strength assessment to design and optimise gears for special applications, including polymer production – resulting in the small footprint, mighty output and impressive durability of our MAAG® GEAR SPU Gear Unit.

The compact design and proven longevity of our gear unit make it the preferred solution for forward-thinking polymer manufacturers.

MAAG® SPU gear unit installed in our test facility.
Small footprint delivers big value
The compact nature of the MAAG® GEAR SPU Gear Unit means it takes up less space in your plant configuration, while still delivering powerful output – and the reduced size simplifies transport and installation.
Long lifetime for gears and bearings
We manufacture the high-quality components of our MAAG® GEAR SPU Gear Units with exceptional accuracy and first-rate materials that result in long lifespans for gears and bearings – delivering streamlined servicing and cost-savings over the life of your polymer production project.
Gear unit that protects your melt pump
The timing gear of our MAAG® GEAR SPU Gear Unit drives the two working shafts of your gear pump or twin-screw extruder so precisely that they never touch – resulting in wear-free operation.

High-calibre materials produce a quality bevel-planetary gear unit

Strong materials and manufacturing for strong performance

The sun pinion and planet wheels of our MAAG® GEAR SPU Gear Unit are made of case-hardened alloyed steel, providing the highest wear resistance for the teeth and enabling compact construction. To ensure smooth meshing during operation, the gear toothing is ground with the necessary longitudinal and profile modification.


A range that fits your requirements

The selection of our SPU Gear Units covers output centre distances between 180 and 450mm, with six sizes to match your required dimensions. The torque is rated up to 260kNm per shaft and the overall ratio of approximately 1:30 can be adapted at your request.
Input bevel stage of a MAAG® SPU gear uni

Long-lived, worry-free function

The annulus and other components used in our MAAG® GEAR SPU Gear Unit are made of heat-treated steel and have precisely machined teeth, delivering optimal tooth contact under load conditions. This method of manufacturing guarantees optimum tooth flank contact – giving you low noise emissions and smooth operations.

Our SPU Gear Unit combines proven manufacturing processes and high-quality materials to provide you the best longevity for gears and bearings. Keep your melt pump operation trouble-free with our bevel-planetary gear unit designed for your special application.

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