Key Benefits

  • Dependable efficiency
  • Compact design, fit for your coal mining needs
  • Smooth and safe operation with integrated lubrication
  • Precise manufacturing delivers high-quality longevity

Efficient, durable planetary gear unit for bucket wheel excavators

Designed specifically for bucket wheel excavators, our MAAG® GEAR KPB Gear Unit brings durable transmission to your open-pit mining operations. It is the perfect solution for newly-designed excavators, as well as for upgrades to your existing bucket wheel drives in the coal mining industry. 

Reliable planetary operation

Generally installed between the electric motor and the bucket wheel shaft, the compact design of the MAAG® GEAR KPB Gear Unit dependably powers your bucket wheel excavator. A fluid coupling connects the electric motor to the gearbox input shaft. With a bevel stage as the first gear reduction, your motor is installed along the outrigger of your bucket wheel excavator. The bevel stage redirects the transmission power into two planetary stages and then into the output shaft, which is connected to the bucket wheel shaft using a shrink disk. Both planetary stages are spur gears and the bevel stage has Klingelnberg toothing.


The Klingelnberg toothing of the bevel stage and the gearing of the sun pinions and planets are case-hardened and grinded, with the bevel staged machined according to the HPG method. The ring gears with internal toothing are tough-hardened and also part of the gear casing.

Close up of the MAAG® GEAR KPB Gear Unit with oil filter, manometer and yellow coupling guard

Backed by solid production

Our continually-improving manufacturing processes and use of high-quality materials throughout, ensures that all of the parts that go into our KPB gear units are long-lasting and precisely fabricated to work smoothly together. This single source approach means you can be certain that your KPB gear unit will function correctly, right after installation – and our MAAG® GEAR equipment continues to deliver high efficiency for years to come.


Custom solutions

We recognise that every open-pit mining operation is unique – and our gear units give you made-to-order performance. With nominal power ranges from 320 to 630 kW and possible transmission ratios from 186 to 250, our KPB gear units are customisable for the requirements of your specific coal mining circumstances and bucket wheel excavator.


With access to the most up-to-date design software and simulation tools, our highly-experienced engineers and operators work with you to find solutions that fit the precise needs of your coal mining operations.


Experience and ingenuity

With our long experience developing industrial gears, we have the know-how and insight to produce well-designed, well-manufactured gear units for your mining processes.


We use the latest developments in heat-treatment and tooth machining to manufacture long-lasting, well-fitting components – resulting in high-quality, reliable gear units. Our advanced manufacturing processes and in-house know-how guarantee that our technical assumptions are met every time – and deliver gear units that give you smooth operation, optimal efficiency and high return on your coal mining investment.


Our willingness to innovate and close collaborations with our customers and suppliers have helped us stay at the forefront of developments in the mining and cement industries – and allowed our gear units to operate dependably in some of the most challenging conditions around the world. 


Efficient, reliable planetary gear unit for bucket wheel excavators

Dependable efficiency
The sturdy construction of the MAAG® GEAR KPB gear unit gives you a robust bevel and planetary gear drive for your bucket wheel excavator, without worry about unnecessary shut-downs or complicated maintenance.   
Compact design, fit for your coal mining needs
With its space-saving design, our KPB is easier to transport and install. The KPB can be made-to-measure for your application-specific requirements – delivering precisely what you need for bucket wheel excavation in an optimal weight and compact footprint. 
Smooth and safe operation with integrated lubrication system
The combination forced and splash lubrication system is integrated directly with the KPB gear unit’s gear casing – resulting in simplified servicing and continued trouble-free operation. An additional oil chamber inside the gear unit provides emergency lubrication in case the pressure drops in the lubrication system.
Precise manufacturing delivers high-quality longevity
We regularly incorporate new technical findings and the latest techniques into our production process, building on our already stellar manufacturing capabilities. Our KPB gear unit uses precisely machined components – giving you reliable excavation drive for your open-pit mining operation. 

Well-built, well-lubricated bucket wheel excavator drive

Quality, fit-for-purpose arrangement

Using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, our well-trained operators ensure that the shafts and gear wheels of our MAAG® GEAR KPB Gear Unit are of the highest quality and precision. A clever transmission train arrangement, where the bevel pinion shaft is supported with roller bearings on both sides of the toothing, and free-floating sun pinions that are self-aligning in both planetary stages, complete the sturdy and compact design.


The ring gears of both planetary stages are integrated into the gear casing. This allows counter torque to be transmitted directly to the connection flange through the torque lever. The particularities of this connection flange are easily adaptable to your unique needs.

MAAG® GEAR KPB Gear Unit showing the output shaft and torque arm

Easy, built-in lubrication

The casing of the MAAG® GEAR KPB Gear Unit is fitted with a lubrication system that partially floats the ring gears and bevel-stage casing with lubrication oil, while the casing itself serving as an oil tank. The combined forced and splash lubrication system does not require an oil cooler and its integrated nature simplifies maintenance and installation – allowing you to spend less time getting the KPB gear unit up and running. The simplified servicing is further enhanced by the gear unit’s use of natural cooling without requiring a water or air cooler.


The primary components of the lubrication unit are a low-pressure pump group and a manually switchable bypass filter, all of which are attached to the gear unit. The system also includes a safety valve, magnetic filter on the pump suction side and a set of heating cartridges, which decrease the start-up time of your bucket wheel excavator. To ensure continuous function of the gear unit in case the pressure oil system fails, our KPB has oil chambers for gravitational lubrication inside the casing.


High-calibre bearings

The type and size of the bearings in our KPB gear units are selected based on the specified loads to be transmitted and the required longevity. We calculate bearing durability and lifetime according to the latest international standards, ensuring state-of-the-art heavy-duty application.


Ball and roller bearings are used to support and aligned rotating shafts inside our KPB gear unit. As determined by the location and environmental conditions, the KPB’s rotating parts have long-life lip seals and/or labyrinth seals.


Keep an eye on your gear unit

By incorporating a monitoring system into the design, we make sure that the MAAG® GEAR KPB Gear Unit alerts you if things run too hot. The standard version of the KPB gear unit includes thermal resistance sensors that:

  • measure the temperature of lubrication oil and bevel pinion bearings,
  • signal and turn off the motor drive if the lubrication oil or bevel pinion bearings reach too high of a temperature,
  • block the drive motor power supply in case the temperature of the lubrication oil is too low, and
  • controls the operation of the heaters, allowing them to be turned on and off.


The lubrication system of our KPB gear unit includes a sensor that delivers a low-pressure alarm. An additional vibration monitoring system can be installed on request.


The instrumentation of the KPB gear unit is hardwired on a terminal box installed on the gear unit itself. You can further increase the scope of your monitoring by connecting the sensors to your control system and interlocking the signals – giving you fast, reliable, monitoring and straightforward control over emergency shutdowns.  

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