Key Benefits

  • Reduces or eliminates blinding and pegging
  • Light-weight screens
  • Enhanced performance

A lighter, easier cross tension screen to lift your performance

Here at FLSmidth, we know how much of a problem pegging and blinding is for your operations. A pegged screen not only requires you to stop work to clear the blockage, it also reduces capacity and increases recirculated load, requiring further costs to produce your product. All of this means higher maintenance costs and lower throughput. That’s where our LUDODECK® POLY-VIBE™ screens can help.


Our POLY-VIBE screens are designed to reduce, or even eliminate blinding and pegging through the use of screens composed of non-woven wires bound together by polyurethane bands. These bands are located above the bucker bars creating a flat surface in which the wires can move independently. The flat, more-active screen surface reduces build-up and increases throughput, virtually eliminating the need to shut down for screen cleaning.

POLY-VIBE is used in both civil aggregate and mining screening applications.


Our LUDODECK POLY-VIBE screens are suited to a number of uses, including:

  • sand and gravel industry
  • mineral processing
  • aggregate industry
  • sizing.

Lift performance, reduce downtime with POLY-VIBE

Our POLY-VIBE screens are designed to help lift the performance of your operations in a cost-effective way.

Reduces or eliminates blinding and pegging
By utilising a more active surface, our POLY-VIBE screens are able to all but eliminate the risk of pegging and blinding while providing an accurate cut size. That means you won’t have to worry about unplanned downtime to clear your screens and will see money and will see money on the ground.
Lightweight screens
Our screens are light and easy to handle. This makes them simple and safe to install and remove.
Enhanced performance

On wet days, our POLY-VIBE screens have been shown to perform at a similar level to that delivered by conventional woven wire screens on dry days. With our screens, you’ll be able to operate at or close to peak performance regardless of conditions.

Superior screening that's safer and easier


Our POLY-VIBE panels are lightweight and come with polyurethane strips to ensure there are no hard edges. They are easier and safer to handle than conventional screens and can be quickly installed. They are manufactured with tension hooks and on wet days can match the performance of woven wire screens on dry days.

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