Gear units deliver reliable bucket wheel drive for your open-pit mine

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Consistent transmission for your bucket wheel excavator

Bucket wheel excavators are among the largest machines used in mining industries – sizable requirements specific functionality comes along with that massive size. Our decades of experience developing and producing heavy-duty gear units give us the practical know-how and technical expertise to meet whatever bucket wheel excavation transmission challenges you may have.

Gear units that go the extra mile

We put the time and effort into desiging and producing quality, long-lasting gear units – leaving you to focus on running your excavating operation without worrying about high-cost equipment failure, unexpected downtime or unreliable production. Using the most up-to-date design software and simulation tools, our engineers and machine operators create technically-advanced gear units that meet the precise specifications of your plant.
Bucket wheel excavator in operation
All of the parts that go into our gear units for bucket wheel excavators are produced according to our stringent manufacturing standards, which include the latest heat-treatment and teeth machining procedures. High quality source materials, exceptionally accurate machines, highly-trained technicians and strict control processes result in meticulously aligned components – guaranteeing high wear resistance and smooth bucket wheel drive function.

We also thoroughly test all of our gear units before they leave our production facilities to ensure they are fit-for-use. Producing complete gear units in-house allows us to make sure our gear units for bucket wheel excavators operate seamlessly for years to come.

Servicing, lubrication and monitoring

The clever design of our gear units for bucket wheel excavators includes a lubrication system integrated into the gear unit’s casing. With a built-in low-pressure alarm and use of natural cooling that does not require moderation by either a water or air cooler, we’ve built reliable straightforward function into the core of our bucket wheel drives.


Built-in monitoring systems ensure that you can keep an eye on your bucket wheel drive transmission – and help you prevent costly emergency shutdown

Gear unit for bucket wheel excavator with integrated oil system and torque arm

Custom-specs that satisfy

We work with you to provide bucket wheel drive equipment customised to your particular circumstances. By considering the power and speed required by your bucket wheel excavator, the configuration of your open-pit mine and other characteristics of your operation, we deliver tailor-made solutions that meet any need.


And with the space-saving design of our gears for bucket wheel drives, they’re not only easier to fit in the configuration of your open-pit mining operation, but also easier to transport and install.

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