Drive your vertical roller mills with our tough, adaptable gear units 

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Extensive line of vertical roller mill drive systems and gear units

Vertical roller mills have grown in popularity and importance over recent decades. This surge within the cement industry is due to the amazingly low amount of energy they consume per tonne of cement, as well as their capacity to use the same mill to grind various materials to differing degrees of fineness.

Regardless of what type of material is being ground or which step of the process is involved, drive systems and gear units for vertical roller mill fulfil two main tasks:

  • Providing the necessary power at the required grinding table speed
  • Transmitting reactive forces from the grinding table into the mill foundation. 



Get highest power from MAAG® GEAR gear and drive system
Designed for flexible and efficient operation of your vertical mill
Long service life and high operational reliability thanks to high quality

Power that suits you

Your needs for the comminution process and the size of your vertical roller mills dictate the power and speed that must be produced – and our gear units and drive solutions can meet any need.


Our conventional two- and three-stage gear units – the MAAG® GEAR WPU and MAAG® GEAR WPV – fit perfectly in the classic vertical roller mill drive arrangement, where a horizontally-oriented electrical motor provides the drive power and rotary motion. The first reduction stage in the gear unit, the bevel stage, redirects the horizontal rotation into the vertical axes of the mill and is followed by one or two planetary gear stages, according to your torque and ratio requirements.

If you need higher power or more flexibility, our integrated drive system – the MAAG® GEAR CEM Drive – is the perfect combination of the newest motor technology and traditional gear design. It drives the grinding process of your vertical roller mill by merging the proven two-stage planetary gear from the MAAG® GEAR WPV gear unit with a highly-efficient vertically-oriented electrical motor. Our CEM Drive is the industry’s most compact drive system for vertical roller mills, eliminating the bevel gear stage and external motor completely to retain the same overall dimensions as a conventional gear unit. As it has the exact dimensions as conventional gear units, the CEM Drive fits under nearly every existing vertical roller mill – making it the perfect choice for upgrading your worn-out gear units.  

Our modular drive system – the MAAG® GEAR MAX Drive – is the right fit for vertical roller mills with the highest power demands. The MAX Drive uses two identical gear units, including vertical electrical motors, to delivers the power necessary to rotate the mill table. The gear units are arranged around the girth gear of the central part, with the thrust bearing in the central part absorbing the grinding loads and completely separating them from the torque transmission path.

Force transfer for worry-free operation

All our gear units and drive systems include hydraulic thrust bearings, which support the mill table and transfer the grinding loads towards the mill foundation. Their stiff casings and internal limitations prevent the mill table from tilting, providing continuously smooth operation and perfect gear alignment. 


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