Versatile planetary gear units simplify grinding with roller presses

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Reliable and compact gear units to operate hydraulic roller presses

Hydraulic roller presses are usually used in clinker grinding production. They can run as individual grinding station or as a pre-grinding stage in combination with a ball mill. The roller press has two rollers that rotate in opposite directions. One of them is fixed in the housing while the other can be moved horizontally by a hydraulic system. The ground material then drops between the two rollers, where it is drawn in by the rotation and further ground by hydraulic pressure. Both rollers have their own drive unit, including an electric motor and a gear unit.

The flexible standard

The space limitations imposed by the diameter of the rollers, your torque requirements and varying ratios caused by different motor speeds all have a part in determining the ideal design of your gear units. With our knowledge and experience in heavy-duty geared applications, we can design and build the perfect planetary gear unit – precisely fit to your requirements.

Our MAAG® GEAR PPU gear unit includes two planetary gear stages and a pre-stage, allowing us to customise a standard product to your specific needs. The flexibility of the pre-stage allows you to easily make ratio adjustments and meet any special alignment demands. The two planetary stages are designed according the torque requirements of the standardised power range.

Comprehensive auxiliary systems

Our extensive accessory systems complete the scope of your roller press drive. Our full packages can include additions like cost-effective lubrication systems, self-regulating or base-mounted torque arms and couplings – delivering tailor-made solutions that are aligned to the power steps of our standardised gear sizes.

The high-level of standardisation of our gear units and their components simplifies servicing and enables a compact footprint – making transportation and assembly even easier.

High tech processes for high performance

Using the latest engineering programs and computer software, our engineers and production technicians design and precisely manufacture high-quality, reliable components. Along with our exceptionally accurate machines and strict control process, we use the latest developments in heat-treatment and teeth machining to ensure high wear resistance and smooth function. The long-lasting, well-fitting components in our gear units are meticulously aligned – ensuring silent operation, high efficiency and overall ease of use for the gear units in your roller press system.
Technician assembling the planet carrier of the first planetary stage into the MAAG® PPU gear unit

Ready for duty

By subjecting every one of our roller press gear units to rigorous quality standards and thorough inspections, we help you get your comminution system up and running as quickly as possible. We make sure that our MAAG® GEAR PPU gear units are operationally fit and ready for implementation by putting them through a trial run in our factory test station before they are shipped to you.


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