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Conveyor gear units perfect for the cement and mining industries

Material handling and transportation needs are different for every cement or mineral operation – and we have gear units that meet your specific conveying demands . Our clever design, carefully selected materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes produce fit-for-purpose gear units that you can rely on – smoothly driving your conveyors now and in the future. 


Deliberately dependable, whatever the model


The durable performance of our gears for conveying system is no accident. With our long experience with gearing and drive systems, we have the knowledge and tools to design robust, adaptable gears specifically for conveyors in the cement and mining industries.

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The standardised, modular nature of our MAAG® GEAR Temperex gear unit gives you a full range of possibilities – letting you get the perfect fit for the configuration of your cement or mineral plant. Whether your requirements dictate a double or single reducer stage, a planetary stage gearbox, a bevel gear input stage or another option for the standard entry stage, our gear units for conveying systems can be configured to suit your specifications. By combining our MAAG® GEAR Temperex range with our PPU gearbox, or simply using a MAAG® GEAR KA or KB gear unit, we ensure that you get the exact types, sizes and ratios you need for your conveying system.

The high-level of standardisation also simplifies servicing and enables a compact footprint that makes transportation and assembly even easier. 


High tech processes for high performance


Our engineers and production technicians work with the latest engineering programs and computer software to design and precisely manufacture high-quality, reliable components. Along with exceptionally accurate machines and strict control process, we use the latest developments in heat-treatment and teeth machining to ensure high wear resistance and smooth function. The long-lasting, well-fitting components in our gear units are meticulously aligned – delivering silent operation, high efficiency and overall ease of operation for your conveying system gear unit

Ready for duty

By subjecting every one of our conveyor gear units to rigourous quality standards and thorough inspections, we help you get your conveying system up and running as quickly as possible. We make sure that our KA/KB and PPU/Temperex gear units are operationally fit and ready for implementation by putting them through a trial run in our factory test station before they are shipped to you. 
MAAG® GEAR KB gear unit

Take your gear units even further


In addition to the inherent customisation possibilities with our gears for conveying systems, we also offer a range of accessories that deliver the complete package. 


Thanks to the adapabability of our conveyor gear units and our guarantee that they meet the technical assumptions every time, we deliver efficient, long-lasting gear units for your conveying systems – and outstanding value for investment.

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