Cement and mining need heavy-duty power – our gear and drives deliver

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Innovative, well-engineered gear units and drive systems

The first generation of our MAAG® Symetro gear unit, built in 1923
The first generation of our MAAG® Symetro gear unit, built in 1923 

From extraction to materials handling, we supply the cement and mining industries with the most innovative and best engineered gear and drive solutions. Our extensive product line includes complete drive systems and heavy-duty gear units for crushers, mills, kilns, belt conveyors, bucket-wheel excavators and thickeners, along with open gearing that gives you custom solutions. We also have a comprehensive spare parts program and a range of services – providing you with not only high-performance equipment, but also a trust-worthy partner.

A sweeping scope

We have a full suite of gears and drives for a wide range of applications – from standalone gear units to complete drive solutions like our MAX Drive and CEM Drive. All of the components that go into our gears and drives are manufactured to the highest standards, either at FLSmidth facilities or in cooperation with our well-vetted, long-standing partners.

With our adaptable, robust machining capabilities and vast expertise, we can provide complete gear and drive systems that meet your requirements. Based on your specifications, we can manufacture toothed parts with spur, helical, double helical or other types of gearing – giving you well-matched components with smooth operation.

And we also supply the accessories to take you further. Be it an enhanced condition monitoring system, fit-for-purpose lubrication system, filtration unit, or other complementary components, our accessories can deliver greater safety, longer lifetimes and enhanced operational reliability for your gear and drives.


Always improving

Never satisfied with ‘good enough,’ we make continuous advancements to our line of gears and drives and make ongoing improvements to our manufacturing processes. Using the most up-to-date machining equipment and techniques, our highly-experienced engineers and operators design, engineer and manufacture gear units and drive systems that fit the precise needs of your cement or mining operations. Based on your needs, we can manufacture all the components of your drive system or gear unit – or only individual components or replacement parts.


Our highly-training staff guarantee professional support through all phases of your gear unit or drive system’s life – from assembly and inspections to emergency services, or even offering their expertise if your gear unit or drive system needs a full overhaul. We can advise on design improvements for your existing gear or drive set up – or assist with an upgrade if your gear unit or drive system no longer satisfies your needs. If you’re looking to gear up your cement plant or mining operation for the future, we offer upgrades, revamps or complete exchanges of your old drive systems or gear units – letting you continue to benefit from smooth operations for your mill, kiln or other equipment long into the future.

High quality, highly reliable

Known for their exceptional durability and high availability, our gear units and complete drive systems bring reliable, state-of-the-art technology to your cement plant or mining operations.

We make no compromises in terms of quality – giving you confidence the in performance of our gears and drives and providing you outstanding value for the total cost of ownership
 Two service engineers installing a lateral gear unit beside the cement mill

Gear units fit for any purpose

The applications of our gear units and drive systems are nearly limitless.


The bevel-helical reduction gear units in our K Series (MAAG® KA / KB / Temperex) transmit torque from an electrical motor to a conveyor unit, and are often used in mining applications, but are not limited to this field. The MAAG® KPB gears are also widely used in the mining industry as their use on bucket-wheel excavators is ideal for open-pit mining – both in new excavators and as upgrades to existing bucket-wheel drives.


Our modular MAAG® PPU series of gear units can be used for many different applications, from small ball mills that employ only one PPU gear unit, to roller presses that include two PPU units in their drive system. In combination with a Temperex gear unit, our MAAG® PPU-C is perfectly suited for sugar cane presses, or any other industrial application where the classic arrangement of two planetary stages and an entry stage is too small.


We supply central and lateral drive systems to operate your horizontal mill or kiln. In combination with our outstanding fabricated girth gears and pinions, the parallel-shaft single-stage reduction MAAG® WA gear units or the double-stage gear unit MAAG® WB are well-suited ball mills and kilns or other kind of horizontal mills.

MAAG® Girth gear hanging from a crane hook in front of a cement kiln
MAAG® Girth gear hanging from a crane hook in front of a cement kiln

If your plant has high productivity requirements, look to the MAAG® Symetro™ gear unit. This multistage central drive for ball mills provides unparalleled reliability with Symetro™ rotating parts that let you upgrade with ease. Or, for a compact central drive, our tried-and-tested MAAG® CPU gear unit gives you all the power you need – in a space-saving design.


The innovative technology of our MAAG® LGDX side drive gear unit helps you save space and cost with its compact construction – translating to lower building and foundation expenses.


For vertical roller mills, our conventional MAAG® WPU and WPV gear units deliver either two-stage or three-stage bevel and planetary gear operation – enabling efficient comminution or grinding as required by your processes.

Drive systems for all-in-one value

Our novel MAAG® CEM Drive concept combines proven drive technology with an innovative motor design in one casing – giving you the most flexible, state-of-the-art and energy-saving drive system for your vertical mill.

With optimal adjustment between the gear unit and the girth gear, our MAAG® MAX Drive can power vertical mills up to 15 MW. With the complete drive system coming all from one source, we can carry out specific customer requests and modifications even more efficiently – delivering tailor-made solutions for your processes.

Customisation for your specific needs

With our open gearing range, we deliver girth gears, pinions and special gears that addresses your unique requirements. Our modern production sites use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to produce equipment and wear parts that are as varied as their applications – and precisely fit for your plant. 


We also supply bevel sets and other geared components that are tailored for your requirements – delivering trouble-free operations and optimum reliability. 

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