Key Benefits

  • High efficiency 
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Small footprint
  • Long-term environmental compliance

Cost effective and efficient gas suspension absorber for multi-pollutant emission control

FLSmidth’s gas suspension absorber FLS-GSA® is an efficient, versatile, multi-pollutant control system. Our system removes up to 97% SO2, 99% HCl and 80-90% of both species of mercury (Hg) to help plants meet stringent environmental standards

As a plant operators, removal of acid gases (SO2, SO3, HCl and HF) from flue gas streams is a high priority. At the same time, you want to employ the most efficient systems that are easy to install with low operating costs that cause minimum disruption to plant operations.


Conventional flue gas desulfurization systems such as semi-dry spray dryer absorber (SDA) systems, and wet flue gas desulfurization (wFGD) are widely used, but depending on the technology selected, can impose high capital and operating costs besides other drawbacks.  

Multi-pollutant removal with lower costs and higher efficiency

The FLS-GSA® gas suspension absorber provides the most cost-efficient approach to multi-pollutant removal compared to conventional high cost SDA and wFGD systems

High efficiency 

Our FLS-GSA® gas suspension absorber re-circulates the absorbent to a very high degree, maximizing utilization and keeping the operating cost at a minimum. Our system’s efficiency is guaranteed because of the following:

  • Low sorbent consumption – operating costs are kept at a minimum
  • High removal of multiple pollutants – ensures compliance with the most stringent emission regulations
  • Modular design – offers great flexibility in delivery and installation. All key components can be shipped and pre-installed
  • Modest space requirement – easily fits into existing plant layout with its small footprint
  • Fast and simple installation – minimizes installation time and expense
  • Few moving parts – increases reliability and minimizes maintenance
Low maintenance cost

Our FLS-GSA® gas suspension absorber is designed for easy maintenance. Minimum wear parts mean lower ongoing costs and higher availability for your plant. In fact, the only part that requires regular maintenance and replacement is the nozzle. Replacing the nozzle is a simple procedure, that can be performed by a person in a few minutes without disrupting plant operation or flue gas cleaning. 

Long-term environmental compliance

Our FLS-GSA® gas suspension absorber is designed to comply with extremely low emissions standards. It can help you meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations well into the future.

Compact, highly efficient, low cost GSA

For high SO2, HCl and Hg removal with low capital and operating cost and long-term regulatory compliance

Product features for the gas suspension absorber

  • Modular design and modest space requirement
  • Minimum wear parts
  • Intense re-circulation of absorbent
  • Fully compliant with NESHAP regulations for high level of SO2 and HCl removal

Gas suspension absorber flow chart

Reducing SO2 emission more than 97%

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