Complete pyroprocessing solutions that lower your operating costs

The pyroprocessing unit is central to a cement plant’s efficiency and uptime. That’s why so many cement producers choose a pyroprocessing system from FLSmidth.

Preheater/calciner systems with industry-leading low emissions

Our preheater/calciner systems have the lowest NOx and CO emissions in the industry. Not only that, but their simple design and highly efficient operation make them the industry standard. All our preheater/calciner systems can be tailored to your specific raw materials, fuels and emission requirements.

The world’s best rotary kilns

Our rotary kilns are suited to even the most challenging raw materials and fuels and they continue to deliver at the highest production rates. They come in 2-base and 3-base versions, and both offer proven operational reliability and durability for continuous performance with low maintenance costs.

Burn almost anything to lower your fuel costs

Integrated with your preheater/calciner systems, the HOTDISC® Combustion Device enables you to burn almost any alternative fuel – from wet powders to tractor tyres. This gives you the ability to lower your fuel costs by choosing from a wide range of alternative fuel options and suppliers.

Cooling systems that cut your costs

When things get hot, you need a cooler that won’t let you down. Our range of coolers give you reliable long-term performance, efficient heat recuperation and high uptime.

All the data you need

Our high-temperature gas analysis systems collect the data you need to optimise your kiln’s combustion and production process, including increased production, reduced fuel and power consumption and improved clinker quality.

Let our experience make the difference

Whether you are working on a new production line or retrofitting an existing plant, our specialists can ensure your entire pyroprocessing system is optimised to your plant’s specific requirements – to help improve your overall efficiency and economy.

KilnLoq_filter_gas analysis

Gas analysis systems that deliver


Every process is unique. Different raw materials. Different fuels. There is no one size fits all gas analysis system. Which is why we tailor every gas analysis solution to meet the specific customer need. We choose gas analysis instruments from among the best the industry has to offer. ABB. Siemens. Durag. NEO Monitors. Emerson. And we have our own solutions with unique capabilities. The patented KilnLoq probe is the preferred kiln probe across the global cement industry. Its sister product, the patented KilnLoq H/W, is built to withstand the harshest high-sulphur environments. The coal silo/filter probe offers reliable filter protection, while the double probe system is designed to eliminate downtime for cleaning. And we put all our gas conditioning equipment together into a GASloq system that is perfectly tailored to your needs, complete with everything you need to sample, condition and analyse process and emission gases.

Our aim?
To deliver the best possible gas analysis system that meets your needs. 
One that works in real life, not just in the lab, and never lets you down.

Emissions monitoring systems that tell the whole story


You need to know what’s coming out of the stack. Exhaust gases tell a story about what’s going in your process, and the implications that has on the whole system. But with ever more stringent environmental regulations coming into force around the globe, there are more reasons than ever to have a comprehensive overview of your emissions.


Our GASloq systems can be adapted to perfectly provide all the data you require. We can monitor the full range of gaseous emissions and particulate matter to generate environmental reports that are fit for purpose. Connect it with our ReportLoq environmental reporting system to carry out all the calculations required to provide your local authority with the relevant reports: short term average, long term average – whatever you need.

Emissions equipment on site

Process knowhow, built in


We understand the pressure you’re under to balance the needs of your delicate process with your responsibility to the communities in which you work. With more than 30 years’ experience in gas analysis and emissions monitoring, and many more decades spent working in cement and combustion industries, you can trust us to take care of this for you.


Our gas analysis and emissions monitoring business is based in Mariager, Denmark, where we test and document all of our solutions in accordance with our quality management system. We also have production and service facilities in Chennai, India. We have a wealth of process knowhow, providing gas analysis and emissions monitoring solutions around the world for a multitude of applications:


  • Kiln control and optimisation;
  • Filter protection;
  • Emissions monitoring;
  • Emissions reporting; and
  • Safety measurements, etc.


Service technicians are available worldwide to assist with your process. And they can draw on the resources of the global FLSmidth group for further expertise if required.

The world’s most advanced high-efficiency pyroprocessing systems

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