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Reliable, precise gas analysis for process optimisation

Gas analysis shouldn’t be another load on your plate. It is meant to make your life easier. To help you achieve a more efficient, safer process that complies with environmental regulations. That’s why we aim to make all our equipment as simple as possible, to give you maximum uptime and optimum quality. For example, our patented KilnLoq probes have become the preferred solution in the cement industry thanks to their easy-clean One Pipe design.

We don’t make gas analysers, which means we can choose the best available technology from the world’s leading instrument suppliers to give you a gas analysis solution that perfectly suits your needs. Our GASloq gas analysis system comes with two options on gas conditioning system, according to your requirements, and is available as either a standard or Plug & Play installation (the GASloq CUBE). As well as process emissions, we also offer solutions to monitor flow, temperature and dust, in addition to gas analysis for filter protection with our safety and interlocking silo/filter probes.

With more than 40 years experience in gas analysis technologies, all of our solutions come with built-in process knowhow.

  • More than 1000 gas analysis systems sold
  • More than 300 kiln inlet probes systems sold
  • More than 300 filter protection systems sold
  • More than 200 CEMS systems sold
  • More than 400 dust monitors sold


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