Key Benefits

  • Long compressor life-cycle
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance costs

How can an air compressor be energy efficient?

We’ve put a lot of thought into how to create the most energy-efficient air compressor on the market. And what it comes down to is straightforward, logical engineering. A large inlet area enables the efficient capture of large air flows. By minimising the moving parts – the Ful-Vane™ Air Compressor has just three – we’ve minimised mechanical losses. And the constant blade-to-cylinder contact results in constant compression efficiency. There are other places where we’ve also designed out the inefficiencies that plague standard air compressors. The shaft and bearing design, for example, and the inlet/outlet configuration. We’ve also made the Ful-Vane™ compressor suited for operation with a variable frequency drive, for increased energy efficiency.


All of these factors add up to an improved rotary vane compressor design that does more with less.


Optimum efficiency for your pneumatic conveying system

Everything we’ve done to bring down energy consumption has a broader positive impact across the system. Less moving parts means less wear, giving your system a long service life with high reliability. And less wear also means less maintenance, so you spend more time operating and less time making repairs. In fact, FLSmidth’s Ful-Vane Air Compressor is designed to allow the cylinder to be re-bored and the rotor to be re-slotted several times, giving you the highest return on investment within the industry.

Robust and reliable rotary air compressors

Key features of the Ful-Vane™ Air Compressor include:

  • Large inlet area provides efficient capture of large air flows
  • Only three moving parts for minimal mechanical losses
  • Constant blade-to-cylinder contact results in constant compression efficiency
  • Shaft and bearing design minimises drive losses
  • Inlet/outlet configuration eliminates internal compression losses
  • Suited for operation with variable frequency drive

All of our new rotary air compressors are manufactured at our Tucson, Arizona facility, ensuring that every compressor is built and tested to the most rigorous standards.


We offer a full range of single-stage and two-stage compressors, from critical parts to complete self-contained packages. Packages may be custom built to project specifications or FLSmidth standards. Auxiliary components are available upon request. The Ful-Vane Compressor is the perfect marriage with Fuller-Kinyon® Pump packages for ultimate reliability.


FLSmidth is the largest manufacturer of rotary vane compressors in the world. 


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