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Durable equipment and accessories for every stage of the fire assaying process

The pyro-metallurgical recovery of gold from precious metal ores has been practised for over two thousand years. The basic fire assay technique for gold determination has changed little over the centuries.


Bulk fluxing, loading and pouring systems are one of the few recent innovations to benefit this age-old assay technology. The Essa systems are a completely integrated set of apparatus to facilitate multiple crucible loading and pouring, reducing both turnaround times and energy consumption.


These bulk handling systems are supported with dosing and flux mixing apparatus and all the other tools to ensure your fire assay lab operates at peak productivity without compromising on safety.


We also supply you with a range of high-capacity, high-efficiency fusion and cupellation furnaces, plus the ceramics to ensure they maintain thermal efficiency during their lifetime.


However, none of the above equipment and tools are effective if you use substandard crucibles and cupels. They may be the lowest cost items in your fire assay set up but they are critically important. You know the frustrations of crucibles not fitting your tools or failing during fusion. Or the lost production costs due to cracking cupels.


That’s why we employ innovative manufacturing techniques and use of high-grade raw materials in our thermal products to ensure they can withstand the extreme high temperatures and harsh conditions of the laboratory.


Our quality control procedures safeguard that our crucibles are consistent in their size, quality and capabilities. They are designed for your convenience to be multi-use, corrosion-resistant, and to withstand cracking. Strength and shape is also maintained throughout their lifespan.


Essa FMX150 Flux Mixer

The Essa FMX150 Flux Mixer can mix up to 50 samples at the same time in preparation for fire assay analysis.


Minimises contamination

The FMX150 mixes in a sealed environment, which minimises the risk of dust contamination.


Essa Multiload and Multipour Systems

The Essa Multiload and Multipour Systems are designed to assist fire assayers to load, pour and move multiple samples into and out of high temperature furnaces.


Integrated and seamless

These systems are specifically designed to suit your particular requirements. Their integrated function ensures a seamless workflow, and reduces turnaround times and energy consumption.


ROJAN Crucibles

The high-performing, multi-use ROJAN
Crucible range is manufactured using the latest automated technology and materials.


Durable and cost-effective

The crucibles withstand the most demanding of laboratory requirements, ensuring long life and keeping your costs down.


ROJAN Cupels

Cupels are manufactured from magnesium oxide and high quality bonding agents. This produces a consistently reliable performance during the last and most important step of your fire assay process.


Uniform high quality

Our cupels are produced to exacting quality standards and are uniform in quality. They do not react to atmospheric changes and won’t crack or pit. Their good lead absorption capabilities save time in the laboratory.


ROJAN Kiln Batts, Muffles and Vents

furnace ceramics – Kiln Batts, Muffles and Vents – are renowned for extending the maintenance and life of high-usage furnaces. They reduce your operational downtime and repair costs. They are manufactured from high quality temperature and thermal shock resistant materials, and are available in a range of sizes.


Foundry Crucibles and Accessories

FLSmidth, as an agent for Mammut-Wetro Germany, offers a top-quality range of crucibles for melting non-ferrous metals. They are suitable for gold, aluminium, copper and nickel at temperatures between 400° and 1500° C.


Blemish-free and consistent

Our pouring spouts, spout holders and crucible bases suit most tilt pour furnaces and hand pour applications. They are made from silicon carbide materials, making them blemish-free and consistent in their size, quality and capabilities.


Essa FAD100 Fire Assay Dosing Unit

The Essa FAD100 Fire Assay Dosing Unit automatically prepares charges for fire assay fusion. It does this by dosing flux, and mixing flux and sample material before filling the charge into a fireclay crucible.



This time-saving product is available in different configurations. It can be a stand-alone unit to use in combination with manual sample weighing operations, or as an integrated unit in an automated laboratory.


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