Key Benefits

  • Superior wear performance
  • Lower cost than composite liners
  • Safer, faster and simpler to install
  • Minimise feed material degradation
  • Versatile and adaptable

A versatile, sustainable wear panel for enhanced wear performance

It degrades the performance of key equipment. It’s a major cause of maintenance downtime. It consumes time and money to prevent. There’s really nothing like wear to cause a persistent headache for all those involved in industrial processes: from the operations and maintenance teams to the procurement manager. Selection of the most appropriate wear panel is thus a critical decision for productivity and profitability – and a great opportunity to improve both.  


Which is exactly what our FerroComb wear panels have been engineered to deliver. These innovative full-metallic panels are available in two sizes, are lighter and easier to handle than alternatives, and can be installed using standard hand tools – yet deliver extended wear resistance. Meaning less downtime and lower expenditure on wear materials. We also make them from up to 84% recycled materials in a process powered predominantly by renewable energy, while the distinctive matrix design both reduces material consumption during manufacture and minimises wastage at end of life.

FerroComb 50
FerroComb 25
FerroComb 25
Add this together and you have a wear solution that improves the economics, safety, and environmental impact of wear prevention. It’s a triple win that makes FerroComb wear panels the ultimate sustainable wear solution in applications that experience moderate impact and high abrasive wear.

Improved metallurgy and matrix design deliver superior performance

Superior wear performance increases wear life
FerroComb wear panels are constructed using improved metallurgy and a unique matrix design for superior wear performance. This means longer-lasting protection for your equipment. 
Lower cost than composite liners
Unlike common composite liners, FerroComb wear panels feature a fully-metallic construction. This reduces cost compared to more exotic composite liners, without compromising performance, so you enjoy the benefits of enhanced protection at a more affordable price.
Safer, faster and simpler to install
Lightweight and compact, FerroComb panels are much safer and simpler to handle and install compared to heavier alternatives. 
Minimise feed material degradation
During operation, compacted material is held within the matrix forming a layer that – in relevant applications – prevents material degradation.
Versatile and adaptable
We offer two design options. FerroComb 50 requires a single set of fasteners per panel and allows stacking up to three panels deep. FerroComb 25 are twice the width and half the depth: perfect for quickly covering larger areas. These require two sets of fasteners.

Intelligently engineered by our world-leading wear experts

FerroComb wear liners are cast from optimised white iron in a unique matrix design. And it’s this design that underpins many of the advantages of these innovative liners. It reduces the weight. It reduces cost compared to composite alternatives. It reduces end-of-life wastage. And it facilitates development of an autogenous wear layer that enhances wear performance without the ceramic or hard materials used in other wear liner solutions. During operation, compacted material is held within the matrix forming a layer that protects equipment and – in relevant applications – also prevents material degradation. 
3 Stack lining - FerroComb Stacking

Innovative stacking option 

FerroComb 50 liners are designed to facilitate stacking up to three liners deep. This offers a number of benefits. It delivers extended uptime. It also allows the creation of stone boxes and deflectors for better material flow and distribution.  

Stacking requires custom-made adaptors and standard – albeit longer – fastener sets. The design ensures that the bottom liners are held fast, while the top liner is worn.  

Safer to install  

Due to their low-weight and compact shape, FerroComb panels are also compliant with manual handling regulations of occupational health and safety organisations. Only standard hand tools and limited fasteners are required, saving time and effort. 


Available in two sizes 


FerroComb wear panels are available in two sizes: FerroComb 50 and FerroComb 25.  


Characteristics FerroComb 50 FerroComb 25
Dimensions 150 x 150 x 50 mm 300 x 150 x 25 mm
Weight per panel 5 kg 5.6 kg
Panels per m2 45 23
Mounting method 1 x M20 CSK screw, nut & washer 2 x M16 CSK screws, nut & washer
Material Optimised white iron Optimised white iron
Temperature limits +300°C
Liner stacking Yes No
Application -100 mm -100 mm

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