Key Benefits

  • Longest possible wear life
  • Simple installation
  • Compact size
  • Safe to install/low weight
  • Usable in high temperatures

Extend your equipment wear life 

You are living in a material world. Whether you are a production manager, maintenance manager or procurement manager, you are being measured on your ability to save money for your mine. At FLSmidth, we have a solution: high-quality FerroCer® Impact Wear Panels. Use in conjunction with your crusher, chute or hopper, and enjoy significantly reduced maintenance and production costs, while also improving productivity and profitability over the long term.

These wear panels are designed to protect your valuable equipment from the riggers of your industry. Increase the wear life of your equipment and decrease total cost of ownership, by reducing operational wear with FerroCer® Impact Wear Panels.

Eliminate risk to operators and maintenance personnel. FerroCer® Impact Wear Panels are safe and easy to install, and 100% compliant with handling and safety requirements. Unlike bulkier, traditional options, the FerroCer® Impact Wear Panels are compact, making them easy for you to handle and install using only standard hand tools. And, because FerroCer® Impact Wear Panels reduce material input and waste, they also mean a smaller environmental footprint for your operation.

Your solution for improved profitability

Longest possible wear life
Operate your crusher, chute and hopper equipment longer, at higher workloads, for a more efficient mining operation. FerroCer Impact Wear Panels are made from the highest quality materials, offering matchless durability and wear life.
Simple installation
You can easily install FerroCer Impact Wear Panels using only standard hand tools. You can even trim the FerroCer Impact Wear Panels to accommodate irregular shapes and corners.
Compact size
Take advantage of easier installation and reduced equipment waste. Unlike the bulky, oversized wear panel solutions that are common throughout the industry, FerroCer Impact Wear Panels are low weight and compact.
Safe to install/low weight
Install FerroCer Impact Wear Panels without the risk, or the lifting equipment. Weighing only 5 kg, FerroCer Impact Wear Panels are a reduced safety hazards for your operators and maintenance personnel.
Usable in high temperatures
Use impact wear panels that you can depend on even in the most extreme situations. FerroCer Impact Wear Panels are heat resistant, usable in high temperature applications up to 250° C.

Technologically advanced

Smart FerroCer features

  • Low weight and compact shape
  • Available in two sizes
  • Single-bolt installation
  • No specialised tools required
  • No installation training required
  • Reduced and simplified stock holding - two part numbers only

Lowest TCO wear liners

Extend your productuction cycles and bring down your cost per ton. FerroCer Impact modular wear panels are designed to give you the longest possible wear life. Your hard-mineral mine operators can reduce maintenance shutdowns, operational downtime and operating costs, from the moment the panels are installed. This combined with easy installation and affordable pricing means that FerroCer wear panels give you the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) on the market. 


Patent-pending design

Reduced maintenance and repair cost can be attributed to the unique FerroCer design. Each FerroCer panel comprises a set of abrasion-resistant ceramic inserts enclosed in a matrix of malleable steel. The matrix ensures only the top surface of the inserts is exposed to material impact. The sides of the inserts are tapered within the matrix, keeping the inserts in place and preventing material particles and fluids from damaging the panels.


Reduced environmental footprint

Less material input, less waste and an improvement in your environmental footprint are all thanks to the longer wear life of our FerroCer panels. Operate secure in the knowledge that you are doing your part to help the planet.


Low weight and compact size

Safer and easier to install than typical bulky wear liners — and you will only need standard hand tools to make it happen. FerroCer Impact panels are compliant with the manual handling requirements of occupational health and safety organisations. Weighing in at only 5 kilos per panel (or 9 kilos per Edge panel) they have a compact, easy-to-handle size.


Simple installation

Enjoy an easy-to-install solution that can be customised to your unique needs. Each panel is attached using a single countersunk bolt. An entire chute can be lined with the two types of FerroCer panels: The Standard panel covers most of the chute’s surface; and the Edge panel is elongated to cover the chute’s entry and exit points. The panels can also be trimmed to accommodate irregular shapes or corners.

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