Key Benefits

  • Unmatched quality
  • Innovative design
  • Reduced maintenance costs

Improved performance for your operation

You want better returns and increased revenue for your business, and we want to help. Our designs focus on improving performance, promoting ease of use and streamlining maintenance when compared to parts offered by conventional Terex and O&K dealers. Small investments can provide quick returns with our improved parts for Terex and O&K excavators.

Backed by our commitment to quality


Operators of Terex/O&K Hydraulic Excavators & shovels need a reliable supplier of aftermarket parts. We apply our unique business philosophy to offer our premium replacement parts for your machine and compete with, or exceed, standard Terex/O&K undercarriage parts. From pin and bushing sets to complete undercarriage replacements, we have your hydraulic excavator parts needs covered.

Our replacement parts are backed by our F3 Commitment of Fit, Form and Function. In many cases, our engineers have modified and improved the conventional designs to greatly enhance durability and performance. Contact us today about an on-site undercarriage audit.

Our Terex/O&K spare parts innovate to optimise

Invest in replacement parts that are a match for your business. Our replacement parts are innovatively designed using engineering expertise and in-depth industry experience, so that you’ll always have the resources to get your vital machinery out of the repair bay and up to peak performance. 

Unmatched quality

Our commitment to top-quality design ensures that you have the best parts to keep your equipment in the best possible shape. As such, we use only the most durable materials.

Innovative design

When it comes to replacement parts, good enough isn’t good enough. That’s why, in many cases. we improve upon the conventional design of our replacement components. With our parts, you’ll be doing more than just repairing your machinery; you’ll be optimising it.

Reduced maintenance costs
Better replacement parts mean longer periods of operation between maintenance downtimes. That means better throughput, and increased revenue for your business.

We offer Terex/O&K spare parts for a range of models

If your operation incorporates Terex/O&K Hydraulic Excavators, then we have the spare parts to fit your equipment. We offer a full range of replacement and spare parts for a variety of models. When you need parts that you can depend on, look no further than us.

Our EXCEL Terex/O&K offering includes spare parts for the following models:

RH120E™ • RH170™ • RH200™ • RH340™ • RH400™ 6030™ • 6040™ • 6050™ • 6060™ • 6090™

Excavator parts include
  • Bushings
  • Pins
  • Track pads/track shoes
  • Upper rollers
  • Lower rollers
  • Drive sprockets
  • Idlers
We stock replacement components for the following Terex/O&K models
  • RH120™E
  • RH120E-21™
  • RH120-E™
  • RH 120-E™
  • RH170™
  • RH 170™
  • RH 170-B™
  • RH200™
  • RH 200™
  • RH340™
  • RH340-B™
  • RH 340™
  • 6030™
  • 6040™
  • 6050™
  • 6060™

Terex Excavator Undercarriage parts


Standard offerings

  • Custom retention hardware to fully retain the pinhead
  • Case hardening deeper than conventional wear limits
  • Forged one-piece rollers
  • Fully supported roll path


Forged one-piece rollers

We focus on supplying products with long, predictable lives in the field. Our heavy-duty replacement roller for the RH Series of Terex®/O&K® Hydraulic Shovels is a perfect example. Our innovative, one-piece roller body offers a strength and durability that surpasses the OEM. When you buy from us, you are buying metallurgical expertise, engineering know-how and quality controls that are second to none. Talk to us about our application-specific replacement parts.

  • Retains grain integrity resulting in maximum grain strength
  • Reduces and refines the coarse cast grain structure. Forging does NOT change the volume or density of the steel.
  • Uniform grain size and directional flow maximise strength.


HD track pads

  • Heavy duty design for the toughest applications
  • Heavy-duty design minimises backbending
  • Carburised bushings
  • Improved pin retention system
  • Manganese bushing option available


Design improvements

  • Large v-wing support for additional strength at track shoe extremities
  • Custom alloy bushings available
  • Enhanced pin retention system
  • Track shoe grouser height increased by 1″ (25.4mm)
  • Track shoe base plate increased by 0.5″ (12.7mm)
  • Open grouser channel spanning the length of the track shoe allows compacted material to flow out the end of the shoe


Rock solid performance

  • Retains grain integrity resulting in maximum grain strength
  • Fully sealed fixed axle design (shown)
  • Excel bronze bushings in every unit
  • Roller body is step forged to a strong, reliable single unit
  • Step forging tightens the grain structure at the stress points while hardening the work surfaces

Did you know?

We offer regular field inspections of the undercarriage of your excavators and shovels at no extra cost to you. That’s because we are passionately committed to providing you a higher level of service, support and value using the original equipment manufacturer as a baseline (not a benchmark).

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