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Safe transport with enclosed material handling solutions

Enclosed conveying systems enable a steady flow of material throughout your system. By enclosing bulk material transport, no dust, odour or spillages can escape to the atmosphere, preventing all the clean-up and maintenance issues that come with dust contamination – not to mention keeping the neighbours happy.

But it’s not just about what comes out of your conveying system – it’s also a question of protecting the materials within. Exposure to moisture or other elements can degrade the quality of your materials, causing troublesome transport and process issues.


More than a century of experience

Our range of conveying equipment is based on more than 100 years experience. We have delivered over 7500 bulk material solutions worldwide across a wide range of industries, from cement, to waste treatment, to chemicals and more. We draw on all that experience to deliver compact solutions that meet your needs, with versatile transport options to fit your plant or port configuration. Horizontal, vertical or inclined – whatever the layout, we offer reliable dust and spillage-free feeding, discharge and extraction solutions. And many of our systems are modular, for easy installation and maintenance.


Our enclosed conveying systems provide long service life, low operational costs and excellent cost efficiency. Whether you need a complete new conveying line, refurbishment of old equipment, or you wish to upgrade your plant, we have the expertise and the equipment to help. We can offer our services throughout the process, from design to after-sales support and everything in between.

Our enclosed conveying equipment line, defining the roles they play in a complete system


  • Surface feeder/Surfex
  • Docking station
  • Screw bottom
  • Volumetric dosing unit



  • Screw conveyor
  • Drag chain conveyor
  • Submerged scraper chain conveyor
  • Chain scraper



  • Feedex
  • Silo and bunker activator
  • Screw bottom



  • Bulk fuel spreader


Spare parts

  • Conveyor chains
  • Revamping
  • Service
  • General spare parts


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