Efficient bag applicators for a wide range of type of bags

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Bag applicators and empty bag handling solutions from VENTOMATIC®

What materials are you packing? Which bags do you use? What capacities do you need?
We take the answers to these questions, together with information about your bag manufacturing characteristics, and supply bag applicators and empty bag handling systems to suit you.

Suited to traditional self-closing glued bags, bags with sealing valve, stitched bags, open mouth bags, bags from plastic reel (FFS), as well as different bag manufacturing materials – including paper, PP, HDPE and plastic – our solutions are designed for efficiency and precision.

No more bottlenecks in your packing plant. Just easy-to-operate equipment designed to suit your process.

Cementi Costantinopoli adds flexible, VENTOMATIC® high-capacity packing and palletizing line

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VENTOMATIC® Rotary Packer Upgrade in Turkey

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