Key Benefits

  • High-quality spare parts and services
  • Improved equipment availability and lifetime
  • Optimised replacement periods for consumable and wear parts
  • Optimised Total Cost of Ownership with selected service agreements

Specialist baghouse technologies and expertise, at your service.

One of the key elements of a reliable plant is spare-parts management. We can indicate the correct and best form, fit and function of your spare parts; we can advise which spare parts are critical as we know your equipment and your processes.


What you get ! 


  • Bags and cages for pulse-jet with a wide range of high quality filter medias;
  • Bags for reverse air bags and different range of components like clamps, hanging hardware, spring assemblies and tensioning tools;
  • Accessories for cleaning systems;
  • Door seals and gaskets;
  • Leakage tests powder and lamps;
  • Electronic components for SmartPulse Controller® and instrumentation;
  • Wear components for process filter dampers and dust transport equipment.


We offer spare parts for FLSmidth and other fabric filter brands.

Optimise your baghouse with high-quality spare parts and services

High-quality spare parts

Our parts are designed and manufactured in partnership with highly qualified partners to ensure optimum quality, reliability and longevity.


Improved equipment availability

Using our parts enables you to minimise downtime and even prevent unplanned stops. Continuous monitoring and predictive maintenance practices keep your filter in the best operational conditions.


Optimised replacement periods 

All parts are designed for easy installation to reduce downtime


Optimised total cost of ownership 

Our spare parts, combined with our advanced SmartPulse Controller®, are designed to help you operate in the lowest range of power consumption, reducing both OPEX and the total cost of ownership supported by our AFT SmartLife Online Condition Monitoring Services. 


Low emissions through the entire life time cycle

With our filter bags it is possible to achieve compliance with the strictest emissions regulations worldwide.

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