Key Benefits

  • Longer filter bag life
  • Reduced fan energy and compressed air consumption
  • Continuous analysis of emission peaks and cleaning system availability
  • Reduced downtime
  • Enables remote filter monitoring

Increase baghouse performance with our add-on fabric filter controller

Compliance with your strict local and corporate emissions standards is top priority. But your baghouse isn’t just reducing your plant’s emissions – it’s also an energy user. And there’s definitely room for more efficiency in your system. With more refined fabric filter controls, you can achieve compliance, reduce energy consumption and increase the life of your filter bags – all while saving money.

Out with the old

Traditional fabric filter controllers typically only adjust to the differential pressure (dP) across the entire length of the filter. This means that the system maintains a constant dP without taking into account filter bag conditions and actual dust load from your mill. Your main fan is probably working a lot harder than it needs to.

As filter bags age, the amount of dP required to flow through them is usually higher. Traditional controllers don’t recognise changes in filter bag condition and won’t adjust accordingly. In short, your filter system is using a ‘one size fits all’ approach to cleaning that not only consumes a lot of energy, but also reduces your filter bag life. It’s time to change tack.


Gentle filtration

The SmartPulse Controller® EVO ll continuously analyses specific baghouse conditions, looking at the rate of change of differential pressure across the bag filter system, which is driven by the dust load from the plant.

It then adjusts fabric filter cleaning parameters in response to baghouse conditions to ensure that you are only ever doing the minimal required cleaning. This smarter way of cleaning reduces costly compressed air usage and extends filter bag life. And it’s an easy add-on to your existing SmartPulse Controller® or our other fabric filter controllers. 

Reduce costs with data-driven predictive maintenance

Extend filter bag life
This next generation fabric filter controller recognises the change in differential pressure (dP) and adjusts according to the actual dust load from your plant. The filter bags endure less stress, therefore lasting longer.
Reduces fan and compressed air consumption
The intelligence of the SmartPulse Controller EVO II means that it is not filtering all the time. Instead, optimal filtering is achieved at a lower pressure, reducing the use of the fan and expensive compressed air in your baghouse.
Continuous analysis for reduced downtime
Constant monitoring of the baghouse system enables early detection of a failed filter bag, allowing you to act in time to prevent dust pass-through, costly emissions fines and production shutdowns. You can develop a long-term predictive maintenance strategy based on real-time insights.
Remote filter monitoring

Online monitoring by our experienced bag filter system specialists allows you to receive specific preventive maintenance suggestions so you can plan well ahead for baghouse maintenance.

Costly plant shutdowns can be avoided through quick identification of a defective bag. Once located, the row it is in is turned off while the other rows continue to filter. Furthermore with AFT® SmarLife Online Condition Monitoring Services  you can improve the performance of your filter.

Simple installation

The SmartPulse Controller® EVO II’s plug-and-play system comes pre-wired, making it easy to install in just a few hours. Suitable for new baghouse installations as well as bag filter system upgrades.


The add-on filter controller that adds value to your baghouse

You told us that when it comes to your bag filter system, you want efficiently-controlled fabric filters with low energy consumption and long filter bag lifetime. We listened. The SmartPulse Controller® EVO II optimises your baghouse operations, reducing both operational and maintenance costs thanks to the following features.

SPC microprocessor

The Smart Pulse Controller (SPC) microprocessor technology controls all the equipment related to the baghouse, including the master controller, valve controller, hopper controller and fresh air damper controller. Compared to Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)-based systems, the SPC provides faster and more efficient detection and monitoring.


Differential pressure management

Through continuous analysis, the SmartPulse Controller® EVO II knows what the actual incoming dust load is and filters at optimal pressure, reducing wear and tear on the filter bags and cutting energy and compressed air costs.


Remote monitoring

Online monitoring by our experienced bag filter system specialists allows you to receive specific preventive maintenance suggestions, planning well ahead for baghouse maintenance. The SmartPulse Controller® EVO II has a proactive defective filter bag.


 Flexible plug-and-play

The SmartPulse Controller® EVO II comes pre-wired and can be customised to suit your bag filter system needs, for both new and existing systems.

Smart fabric filter technology

The combination of optimised design, improved mechanical construction, and advanced filter control results in reduced and easier maintenance, compared to other types of fabric filters on the market. The SmartBag coupled with the SmartPulse Controller EVO II meets the needs of modern-day cement mills.

New fabric filter ensures low emissions and high efficiency at Duna-Dráva Cement Ltd.

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Smart fabric filter technology

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