Key Benefits

  • Simple installation
  • Extends filter bag life
  • Reduces fan and compressed air consumption
  • Enables remote filter monitoring

Our add-on fabric filter controller offers superior baghouse operation

With your cement plant being subject to strict emissions standards, ensuring compliance is top priority. While baghouses are instrumental in helping to keep emissions within acceptable limits, their control offers a number of operational and cost benefits.

Out with the old

Traditional fabric filter controllers normally only adjust to the differential pressure (dP) across the entire length of the filter. This means that the bag filter system maintains a certain dP without consideration for filter bag conditions and actual dust load from your plant mill. This is not ideal as the main fan will have to maintain a certain pressure at all times, despite fluctuating work conditions and loads. Under such conditions, the main fan consumes an undesirable amount of energy.


As filter bags age, the amount of dP required to flow through them is usually higher. Traditional controllers don’t recognise changes in filter bag condition and won’t adjust accordingly. This results in constant cleaning of the filter system, compromising length of filter bag life and energy consumption levels.


Gentle filtration

FLSmidth recognised this challenge and has developed the next generation add on for your fabric filter controller. The technology is a smart addition to your existing SmartPulse Controller® or our other controllers. The SmartPulse Controller® EVO ll continuously analyses specific baghouse conditions, based on the rate of change of differential pressure across the bag filter system, which is driven by the dust load from the plant.


The SmartPulse Controller® EVO II adjusts fabric filter cleaning parameters to cater for fluctuating plant-operating conditions. This ensures that only the minimal required cleaning is done at any given point in time. This smarter way of cleaning reduces costly compressed air usage and extends filter bag life.


Smart, continuous analysis

In developing this next generation add on technology for fabric filter controllers, we chose to use the Smart Pulse Controller (SPC) microprocessor technology to support the continuous analysis required to optimise bag filter systems. Compared to Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)-based systems, the SPC provides faster and more efficient detection and monitoring.



Online monitoring by specialists allows the cement plant operator to receive specific preventive maintenance suggestions and plan for filter maintenance, reducing unplanned downtime. Furthermore, early detection of a failed filter bag prevents dust pass-through, costly emissions fines and production shutdowns. The SmartPulse® EVO II is designed to quickly identify defective bags through rapid and precise failure detection simply by switching off the row that the defective bag is found in.

Easy to install, smart fabric filter controller optimises your baghouse

Simple installation
The SmartPulse Controller EVO II’s plug-and-play system comes pre-wired, making it easy to install in just a few hours. Suitable for new baghouse installations as well as bag filter system upgrades, installation is also simplified by entering operational parameters just once at commissioning.
Extends filter bag life
This next generation fabric filter controller recognises the change in differential pressure (dP) and adjusts according to the actual dust load from your plant. The filter bags endure less stress, therefore lasting longer.
Reduces fan and compressed air consumption
The intelligence of the SmartPulse Controller EVO II means that it is not filtering all the time. Instead, optimal filtering is achieved at a lower pressure, reducing the use of the fan and expensive compressed air in your baghouse.
Enables remote filter monitoring
Continuous monitoring provides information for remote support, troubleshooting any issues that may arise. Costly plant shutdowns can be avoided through quick identification of a defective bag. Once located, the row it is in is turned off while the other rows continue to filter.

Optimise your bag filter system operations with our add-on fabric filter controller

We listened to you and developed the SmartPulse Controller® EVO II to optimise your baghouse operations, saving you operational and maintenance costs. You told us that when it comes to your bag filter system, that you want efficiently-controlled fabric filters with low energy consumption and long filter bag lifetime. In designing the next generation fabric filter controller, a number of features help us to meet your baghouse needs.

SPC microprocessor

The Smart Pulse Controller (SPC) microprocessor technology adequately supports the continuous analysis required to optimise fabric filter systems. It controls all the equipment related to the baghouse by combining various software controllers for different functions in a centralised location. This includes the master controller, valve controller, hopper controller and fresh air damper controller.


Differential pressure management

Instead of setting a fixed air pressure, the EVO-II controller finds the right air pressure to clean the bags, minimising the use of costly compressed air. Through continuous analysis, the SmartPulse Controller® EVO II knows what the actual incoming dust load is and filters at optimal pressure, reducing wear and tear on the filter bags. Additionally, you save on energy costs and the use of expensive compressed air when it’s not needed.


Remote monitoring

Online monitoring by our experienced bag filter system specialists allows you to receive specific preventive maintenance suggestions, planning well ahead for baghouse maintenance. The SmartPulse Controller® EVO II has a proactive defective filter bag.


Flexible plug-and-play

The SmartPulse Controller® EVO II comes pre-wired and can be customised to suit your bag filter system needs. Flexible in its application, it can be plugged into newly-installed bag filter systems or be a retrofit or upgrade for your baghouse needs.

Smart fabric filter technology

The combination of optimised design, improved mechanical construction, and advanced filter control results in reduced and easier maintenance, compared to other types of fabric filters on the market. The SmartBag coupled with the SmartPulse Controller EVO II meets the needs of modern-day cement mills.

New fabric filter ensures low emissions and high efficiency at Duna-Dráva Cement Ltd.

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Smart fabric filter technology

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