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Baghouse filters considerable  reduce emissions and lower costs

Back in early 2000, we took our  expertise in air pollution control technologies and began manufacturing the next generation of filtration devices under the brand AFT (Advanced Filtration Technologies).

Since then, our plant in Evans, Georgia (USA) has developed and distributed products specifically designed to lower emissions of dust and other pollutants for a variety of industries. Our baghouse filter bags, pleated filters, cartridges, cages, and fabric filter accessories improve environmental performance without sacrificing efficiency and productivity.


We are committed to providing filter bags that not only reduce dust emission but also offer the lowest total cost of ownership on the market.


  • Longer lasting filter bags
  • improved bag house efficiency
  • Reduced emission levels
  • Optimum filter bag inventory management
  • Reduced operating costs

The whole package is backed up by continuous wear monitoring and management and  24/7 customer support.


AFT® SmartLife


We use our latest online condition monitoring solutions to monitor and predict the wear life of filter bags. With this service, bags can be replaced before they fail, ensuring you don't see a spike in dust and other emissions that could risk your compliance with environmental regulations.


Our customer service technicians provide 24/7 remote support for troubleshooting and maintenance to ensure maximum filter bag life and productivity, as well as reduced operating costs. Ensuring the optimum performance of your filter bags is part of our Mission Zero promise.


AFT SmartLife incorporates:


  • Mechanical wear monitoring
  • Predictive bag failure trends
  • Predictive valve failure trends


Count on us to help your plant comply with even the strictest environmental regulations, Industries ranging from power utilities and lime manufacturers to steel mills, foundries and more trust us as a reliable partner.


We also offer unsurpassed installation, training and technical support services:


  • World-class manufacturing facility and fabrication techniques
  • On-site fabric filter seminars and training
  • In-house lab for performing filter bag analysis
  • Baghouse inspections and evaluations


AFT is dedicated to delivering unmatched quality in both our products and services. Our experienced engineers are continually working with customers to innovate “what’s next” for emissions control. 


We service industries including steel, cement, lime, mining, waste to energy, chemicals, food, pharmaceutical and power utilities. AFT products help them stay in environmental compliance at a lower cost and without losing a second of productivity.

Filter media
AFTm membrane products offer excellent particle collection and keep filter bags cleaner, longer. Fiberglass filter bags are perfect for applications up to 500 degrees F, while our PPS filter bags offer excellent acid resistance at high temperatures.
Proper fit is crucial for performance. Our cages (made from carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized or epoxy coated) range in style from “Twistlock” to “Slidelock.” With such a range, your plant will find the best design to ensure optimal bag-to-cage fit.
Our “Quick-Start” precoat is a light density powder injected onto our filters that enhances airflow and thus, efficiency.
Bag failure and dust leakage are frequently a result of sub-par clamps. AFT can recommends and supplies the best clamps for your particular needs.

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