Lower your air and dust emissions with our flexible fabric filters

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A wide selection of fabric filters to reduce air and dust emissions

FLSmidth has long-established experience with controlling emissions and continuously develops filter solutions with a technological edge that reduces operating costs. With thousands of our fabric filter solutions installed around the world, we ensure high performance to meet even the strictest emission requirements.

Our fabric filter product range is highly-flexible and suited across a range of industries from cement, to iron and steel, to pulp and paper. Whether FLSmidth provides the entire system design from ventilation point to the outlet stack or simply provides the design and key parts of the fabric filter, we will work with you to find the most cost-effective solution.

Our range of fabric filters have been innovatively designed for you to achieve reduced CAPEX and OPEX, longer bag life, minimal maintenance and reliable operation – all while meeting stringent emissions requirements. Longer filter bags are a unique feature across some of our fabric filter solutions. Through extensive testing, we have discovered that cement plants with long filter bags have a smaller environmental footprint, lower capital outlay and operation and maintenance costs than filters with shorter bags.

Installed around the world
Guaranteed cleaner performance

Pushing the limits

To help you meet increasingly stringent emissions requirements, we are continually pushing the limits of what our fabric filters can achieve. This includes efficient operation and increased life of the filter bag, which ultimately results in significant energy savings and lower total cost of ownership.


FLSmidth’s extensive research and development (R&D) activities to improve manufacturing and construction processes has resulted in new filter types with reduced equipment weight and footprint without compromising emission reduction capabilities. This helps you minimise construction time and shipping cost, therefore reducing investment and operating cost


Solutions to clear the air

The DuoClean™ fabric filter possesses powerful emission-reduction capabilities in medium to large gas flows, reducing CAPEX through an octagonal-shaped compact filter design. Two types of DuoClean bag filters are available: the DuoClean DC2 for large gas flows and DuoClean DC8, suitable for medium gas flows.


Our hybrid filter solution offers efficient particulate removal with low installation and operating costs. In a hybrid filter, one part of your electrostatic precipitator (ESP) continues to function as an ESP while the remaining part of the filter is modified to function as a fabric filter so that you can get the best of both worlds.


Fabriclean is a multi-compartment fabric filter with a unique gas distribution system. This ensures even gas distribution, which in combination with pre-separation of dust, prevents dust build up in bags resulting in fewer cleaning cycles and minimising compressed air consumption.


Catalytic filtration technologies utilise catalysis and surface science to offer two different solutions. Our CataFlex® is a catalytic filter bag that enables removal of multiple air pollutants and dust emissions in one. The CataMaxTM uses porous ceramic elements to remove both dust and organic hazardous air pollutants (OHAPs) from the flue gas in a single step.


Intelligent control

Designed to optimise fabric filter operation, our SmartPulse Controller® EVO II automatically adjusts pulse duration, interval and pressure, which minimises the use of costly compressed air.

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Smart fabric filter technology

The combination of optimised design, improved mechanical construction, and advanced filter control results in reduced and easier maintenance, compared to other types of fabric filters on the market. The SmartBag coupled with the SmartPulse Controller EVO II meets the needs of modern-day cement mills.

Smart fabric filter technology

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