Key Benefits

  • Low capital cost
  • Reliable multi-pollutant emission control
  • Flexible and adaptable

Low-cost, adaptable, dry sorbent injection system for high efficiency multi-pollutant control

We offer dry sorbent injection (DSI) technology to reduce acidic components, such as SO2, SO3, HCl, and HF, in flue gases to comply with environmental regulations. Our solution is a low cost, efficient alternative to wet or semi dry flue gas desulfurization systems.

The FLS-DSI is a low capital cost system comprising a silo for storage of sodium bicarbonate or hydrated lime sorbent, sorbent feeders, a pneumatic transport system to convey the sorbent into the flue gas duct, and sorbent injection lances. With our system, based on your plant operating and process conditions, FLS-DSI will determine whether a sodium or calcium-based sorbent is most efficient to remove the acidic compounds in the flue gas.

Our system injects the selected dry sorbent upstream of FLSmidth fabric filters where a portion of the pollutants removal takes place. Key to achieving a high removal efficiency is the distribution of dry sorbent in the flue gas duct and in the fabric filter. Our system offers thorough flow simulation using computational fluid dynamic (CFD) modelling to ensure optimum mixing of sorbent and flue gas and to minimize the sorbent consumption.

Regardless of which sorbent you select, our system can be easily integrated with other FLSmidth air pollution control equipment to provide an effective, comprehensive approach to multi-pollutant emission control for acid gas, mercury, and particulate control.

Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) system for low-cost, reliable multi-pollutant emission control

The FLS-DSI system is a comprehensive, adaptable, and optimal solution for achieving desired levels of multi-pollutant emission control.

Low cost
The FLS-DSI system offers the most cost-efficient approach to acid gas removal specifically when compared to conventional high cost SDA and wFGD systems. We offer simple installation, automatic monitoring, and easy maintenance, which means a smaller initial investment and lower operating costs over time.
Reliable multi-pollutant emission control
Our system helps ensure compliance with stringent emission regulations.
Pollutants which can be removed with FLSmidth  DSI system are : SO2, SO3, HCI, HF, Mercury, Dioxins/furans and other heavy metals. 
Flexible and adaptable
Our system can work with a variety of sorbents, including sodium bicarbonate and hydrated lime and activated carbon, and different process design,  giving you the flexibility to choose the sorbent and process configuration based on fuel conditions, local availability, and your plant process needs. Additionally, our design is versatile with multiple options for sorbent injection points. Lastly, our small installation footprint makes the FLS-DSI system an ideal choice for retrofitting into existing air pollution control systems. 

Comprehensive and flexible dry sorbent injection system features

The FLS-DSI system can be easily customized to suit your needs. Simple and all-inclusive, its features help make multi-pollutant emission control seamless and easy.

Product features include:


- Complete system for dry sorbent injection, including silo for sorbent storage and residual product storage, sorbent feeders and pneumatic transport system to inject the sorbent into the flue gas duct.  

DSI Multipollution control

- Choice of sorbent selection based on plant specific conditions and the required pollutants removal levels. The selection of sorbents can be: hydrated lime, sodium bicarbonate, trona, activated carbon, mineral adsorbents.  

- Simple installation of system components, and compact system footprint.

Computational Fluid Dynamic flow
Computional fluid dynamic ( CFD) flow simulation for mixing of sorbent and flue gas

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