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Analytical quality and accuracy every time

Opportunities for errors to arise during sample dosing and weighing are ever present, as is the risk of cross-contamination. Some of the world’s leading laboratories choose our automatic dosing and weighing equipment to overcome these challenges, and more.


Our systems are well proven for their processing efficiencies and superior sample handling and results. They are also very cost effective, both in terms of capital purchase and ongoing maintenance costs. Maintenance is quick and easy and requires minimal downtime.


Safety systems and failsafes protect operators from moving parts and keep them away from harm. Our systems’ automation also leaves operators with time to manage other laboratory tasks while the processing takes place, further adding to their efficiency.


Our dosing and weighing systems deliver many benefits, including:


  • Fast and accurate measurement of sample materials
  • Consistently reliable weighing
  • One-touch operation
  • Minimised risk of error
  • Long wear life and minimal maintenance.


Our range includes:


  • Sample dosing unit – accurately and safely complete the dosing process with minimal operator involvement thanks to the automated functions of our sample dosing unit. Process up to 60 samples per hour with full traceability, dosing in quantities of 20-200 g with ± 2 g dosing accuracy and 0.01 g weight resolution.


  • XRF flux weighing systems – our automatic sample weighing systems minimise errors and boost the speed of sample processing. Their one-touch interface makes them easy to use and their enclosed design keeps operators safe from noise and dust. 



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