Improve the quality of your sample and flux dosing processes

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Analytical quality and accuracy every time

The Essa FAD100 and SDUD800 Sample Dosing Units ensure that the dosing and weighing processes are simplified and automated to significantly reduce the likelihood of human error and improve the accuracy of your analysis. As a bonus, the units reduce the need to manually undertake these tasks and require very little support from your lab staff during daily operations.

When it comes to choosing your unit there are a couple of options. If you are looking to simply divide sample portions into vials or cups for further processing or sample backup then the highly-functional SDU800 may suit your requirements. It can process between 22 and 60 samples per hour and offers a range of benefits including vial storage, barcode labelling and RFID tagging.

The FAD100 can process up to 40 samples per hour and prepares charges for fire assay fusion by dosing and mixing flux and sample material before filling the charge into the assay crucible.

The automated nature of the fire assay unit is particularly important as there are added safety concerns due to hazardous lead oxide dust exposure, making this a great choice for both accuracy and worker safety.


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