Key Benefits

  • High productivity
  • Accurate and traceable
  • Safer working environment
  • Flexible

High precision sample weighing

Quality of your sample is of utmost importance which is why our automated sample dosing units work to improve accuracy and traceability within sample loads. Our range comprises the Essa® SDU800 and the Essa® FAD100.

The SDU800 Sample Dosing Unit uses automated efficiency to divide sample portions into vials or cups for further processing or sample backup.

It can process up to 60 samples per hour, dependent on the dosing requirements and it allows for complete automation of the dosing and weighing tasks. It is highly accurate and will ensure that you can have reproducible results time after time.

It’s a safe and easy-to-use unit that comprises an easy-to-operate control panel, two safety switches and a dust removal and exhaust system to improve worker safety.

The FAD100 is a larger unit, purposely designed for the fire assay laboratory, that can process up to 40 samples per hour. Handling lead-based fire assay flux can be a hazardous task, and utilising this unit improves worker safety and ensures minimal contact with lead dust.

It is available as a stand-alone configuration for combined use with manual sample weighing operations or can be integrated with an automated laboratory.

If it is being used as a stand-alone unit, the operator can equip it with sample and crucible buffers so that it can be operated with limited use of personnel hours during daily operations.

Automated dosing for improved repeatability and traceability

Both of our sample dosing units are highly productive, allow for full traceability and provide the repeatability required for high-quality analysis. 

High productivity 
The automation of the dosing process frees up the operator to undertake more tedious tasks, improving overall workflow and productivity. The units themselves can process up to 60 samples per hour dependent on the unit and dosing requirements. 
Accurate and traceable 
The automatic dosing function improves accuracy and traceability in the preparation of samples and charges. This automatic process reduces the chance of human error and increases the overall quality in the analysis.
Safer working environment 
The units include a range of safety features that reduce the risk of the operator being exposed to hazardous materials, such as lead oxide, and provide an overall improvement to worker health and safety.
These units ensure that vials are capped after weighing so that they can be stored until required. This, in turn, works to improve the distribution of work from low-load to peak-load periods.

Quick, reliable and cost-effective dosing

The Essa range of sample dosing units are quick, reliable and cost effective due to the automated nature of the machines and will work to improve your bottom line. They are suitable for a range of industry applications and ensure that accurate results can be provided for the analytical process.

Essa® SDU800 Sample Dosing Unit

Regardless of whether you are in a low-load or peak-load period the SDU800 is an excellent choice. It works with your business needs to allow for flexible distribution of work and automatically and efficiently divides sample portions into capped vials for further processing or sample back-up. It is a small but robust machine that can process between 22 and 60 samples per hour.

A typical flow sequence involves dosing one to four aliquots of fine powder sample material from a 1050 cc cup. In the standard configuration the material is dosed into a 100cc cup and into a vial, which is then capped. Excess material is returned in the original 1050 cc cup. The dosed material is weighed and the weight is recorded.

Where required, the vials can be marked with barcodes or RFID tags which makes them completely traceable.

This unit offers dosing in quantities of 20-200 g with ± 2 g dosing accuracy and 0.01 g weight resolution.

Essa® FAD100 Fire Assay Dosing Unit

Essa FAD100 can process up to 40 samples per hour, dependent on your dosing requirements.

It doses and mixes charge in preparation for fire assay and can easily work as a stand-alone unit or as part of an automated laboratory making it as versatile as it is useful.

The FAD100 works by using intelligent dosing which supports dosing of up to three components, including different types of flux, meal and nitre.

Flux and additives are mixed according to recipe, flux and sample and the charge is filled into a fire assay crucible.

The prepared crucibles are stored, and flux is fed automatically into the unit using a screw conveyor to a larger external storage container.

It provides dosing in quantities between 50–500 g with ± 5 % dosing accuracy and 0.01 g weight resolution.

The highly functional machine can hold up to 30 samples in its exchangeable sample rack, and the unit ensures safety by confining hazardous aerosols such as those produced by lead oxide improving overall worker safety.

The intelligent unit allows for automatic data transfer to the laboratory information management system and ensures increased quality in the analytical process, making it easier to adjust for problematic samples and perfect for data control. 

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