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Engineered for efficient and accurate sample division

Correct sample preparation is the backbone of your analysis.


For more than 25 years, Essa Rotary Sample Dividers have been a trusted tool in preparing precise, representative samples to meet international industry standards. Over that time, we’ve developed our apparatus to help you divide your samples in the most efficient way possible as well.


Our splitters are easy and safe to use, and engineered to save on labour and clean up. With highly functional design, the whole process can be carried out with minimal handling, saving you time and money. The residue type rotary divider model can even be incorporated into a fully automated installation. And added safety features give you peace of mind.


The sign of a good investment is equipment that carries on working for years to come. So, we make sure all our units are manufactured to superior quality standards. Hoppers and buckets are made from corrosion resistant stainless steel, which is both durable and minimises contamination of your sample.


The comprehensive range available, combined with flexible design, makes our sample dividers suitable for a wide variety of applications, including drill rigs, mineral sub-sampling and geochemical sampling splits. You’ll find them reliably preparing samples in research laboratories, industrial applications, and shipment sampling across a number of commodities. With each model coming in many size options, we can provide a sample reduction solution to meet your needs.


Essa RSD Series Rotary Sample Dividers – Bucket Type

The Essa RSD Series Rotary Sample Divider provide consistent, mechanically-correct sampling. They cut even representations of larger samples according to industry standard sampling guidelines. This is achieved by feeding the entire sample at a controlled rate as a falling stream. The machine then divides this sample into equal segments by the action of a “circle” of segmental buckets being rotated beneath the stream.


Essa RSDR Series Rotary Sample Dividers – Residue Type

The Essa Residue Type Rotary Sample Divider saves you labour and handling by sending residual material directly into a discharge system. The excess material can either be collected in a removable container, or mechanically diverted by standing the unit over a discharge conveyor. The divider also uses a compartmentalised bucket system that reduces load/unload time between samples to improve your productivity.


Essa Riffle Splitters

Essa Riffle Splitters are a convenient method for fit for purpose sample division. We have enclosed models for the laboratory, and open-framed riffle splitters suitable for use in the field. A big plus is the wide variety of standard riffle sizes, and selection of blade spacing options that let you choose a splitter to fit your requirements. We can also custom make different sizes, giving you the ultimate in flexibility. 


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