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Engineered for efficient sample preparation

Correct sample preparation is fundamental to accurate analysis. This includes the uniform and accurate dividing and splitting of samples in laboratory and field settings.


For more than 25 years, our sample dividers have been trusted to divide samples in the most efficient way, and to prepare precise, representative samples to meet international industry standards.


Our splitters have proven easy and safe to use and are engineered to save on labour and clean up. Their highly functional design means the whole process can be carried out with minimal handling, saving you time and money.


With each model coming in many size options, we can provide a sample reduction solution to meet your needs. Our equipment will also keep operators safe from harm.


When you choose our sample dividers and riffle splitters, you can expect:


  • Accurate, uniform sample division
  • Industry-standard sample preparation
  • Efficient operation
  • Flexible options to suit differing sample volumes and cuts
  • Hard-wearing designs
  • Added safety features for peace of mind.


Our range of dividing equipment produces first-class results, and includes:


Rotary sample dividers – eliminate operator bias and improve representative sampling with our rotary sample dividers. Designed for accurate, uniform sample division, they have proven dependable and able to produce superior results in laboratories around the world.


Rotary sample dividers, residue type – these sample dividers are designed to capture excess sample material neatly and efficiently, either in a discharge container or via a conveyor, increasing your productivity and sampling accuracy.


Bulk sample dividers – typically used for batch operations, these samplers have proven their capability to accurately reduce large sample volumes without compromising precision. Our largest machine can divide up to 200 L of material into 10 samples in one process.


Riffle splitters – designed to ensure an even and free flow of material for accurate sampling, our riffle splitters are suited for use in the laboratory and in the field. They can also be customised to suit your specific sample preparation needs.



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