Key Benefits

  • Efficient shaft sealing method
  • Increased flexibility for a wide range of pneumatic materials
  • Adjustable capacity allows for material changes
  • Abrasion-resistant design
  • Meets NFPA/ATEX standards

Back to basics: a pneumatic feeder/airlock that keeps pneumatic conveying simple

You asked, we listened. Introducing the all-new V-Series Feeder/Airlock, the latest in FLSmidth pneumatic conveying technology. Efficient and simple, it provides more flexibility and lower costs than conventional feeders.

Traditional feeders for pneumatic conveying systems are high on energy consumption and low on efficiency. They take up a lot of space, require complex control set-up and are generally not all that flexible. You chose pneumatic conveying for the simplicity, the speed, the efficiency. You might ask: shouldn’t the feeder be at least as good as the conveying system it’s working with?

We agreed. That’s why we set to work developing the V-Series Feeder/Airlock for pneumatic conveying systems. We hoped to build something that could keep up with the high demands – and high expectations – of a modern pneumatic conveying system. And we wanted to bring the energy requirement right down, while offering greater flexibility in terms of the application.

And – we did it!
We are proud to present the V-Series Feeder/Airlock, the latest in pneumatic conveying technology from FLSmidth. It handles dry, fine powder or granular product at high-pressure differentials up to 29 psig (2 Bar) in dense phase or dilute phase systems. That means that the V-Series can be used for applications where previously a pressure tank system was the only choice.

With its large diameter flow channel and high volumetric efficiency, you can achieve efficient linear operation at up to 30 rpm, ensuring that a ‘V’ airlock also costs much less than a typical pressure tank system.

Customer satisfaction

Our first V-Series customer became our first repeat customer after the successful operation of their V-500 Airlock at a cement terminal in Tennessee. The second V-500 was ordered almost immediately and is now operating successfully at a location near Jackson, Mississippi.
We are very excited to introduce this new product and can only imagine all of the new pneumatic conveying applications where it will lead us.

Currently, the 'V' Series feeder is available in six sizes: V200 to V600. Smaller units are suitable for lower-density applications, while larger ones can accommodate very high-density bulk materials. Check with the experts at FLSmidth to find out if the ‘V’ feeder is suitable for your application.

V-Series pneumatic feeder, pneumatic air lock

Simple and productive pneumatic conveying with FLSmidth

Our V-Series rotary airlock is designed to feed pneumatic conveying systems efficiently and effectively. Tough and adaptable, its technology solves most feed problems.

Efficient sealing

What could be better than efficiency? It ensures superior performance with minimal costs and maximum results. That's why we used an innovative shaft sealing design. Its assembly consists of a lip seal, labyrinth seal and a mechanical face seal. With all of these seals, we can minimize air leakages and provide very tight clearances. Together, this promises an efficient shaft sealing method for the best possible sealing.

Increased flexibility
Unlike conventional feeders, the 'V' Series feeder is flexible enough to tackle most applications. It handles dry, fine powder or granular product in vacuum or pressure conveying systems. It is also suitable for both dilute phase and dense phase systems
Adjustable capacity
Our feeders operate using a variable-speed drive, which makes it easy to change capacity. This allows for material changes that occur throughout your process. Basically, feeder capacity is a function of the volume of the feeder pockets, the speed of the rotor (rpm), and volumetric fill efficiency of the material as it fills a pocket. Larger models are equipped with high capacities, while smaller ones are suitable for lower ones. With all these options, it is easy to adapt the 'V' Series Feeder/Airlock to your individual needs.
Abrasion-resistant design
Abrasion can significantly harm your equipment over time. Fortunately, every 'V' Series feeder accounts for this through its abrasion-resistant design. Built to withstand even the harshest of bulk materials, its abrasion-resistant plate steel rotor ensures minimal damage to your feeder. By diminishing the costs of repair and downtime, this provides significant savings for you and your operation.
Safe operation
Meeting industry standards is crucial to your business. That's why all 'V' Series feeders are both NFPA and ATEX rated.

A durable, long-lasting pneumatic feeder that you can depend on

The 'V' Series can be customized to accommodate different material characteristics with appropriate levels of construction:

• Stainless steel for corrosive materials;
• Ceramic-lined body and tungsten carbide rotor for highly abrasive materials; or
• Ductile iron body and abrasion-resistant rotor for mildly abrasive materials.

Construction that lasts, with built-in flexibility

Each 'V' Series feeder has a 10-blade rotor that provides improved sealing, so leakages are reduced to the absolute minimum. Meanwhile, its ribbed, shrouded design minimizes air movement past the end of the rotor.

Our feeders are able to keep up with your fast-paced line with ease. The large diameter flow channel allows efficient linear operation up to 30 rpm, so you can keep moving forward.

When it comes to maintenance, we wanted to keep things as simple as possible. The serialized design allows factory rebuilding to save replacement costs, while the direct-coupled drive eliminates sprocket and chain maintenance.

The ‘V’ Airlock is also a convenient option if you’re replacing older or obsolete screw pumps. With a motor of 1 HP to 3 HP, it can reduce motor power by 95% or more – great news for your energy bills! And, thanks to the improved inlet/outlet geometry, larger particles up to 25mm+ – such as pellets or hydrated lime – can be conveyed without a problem.

This means you can trust our feeder to handle even the toughest particulate matter. In fact, you can switch between materials or change capacity without too much work thanks to the flexibility of the standard variable frequency drive.


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Buzzi Unicem USA orders first V-Series Feeder/Airlock - and then follows up with five more

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