Key Benefits

  • Improved durability
  • Innovative-yet-familiar design
  • Highest quality standards

The best Cedarapids Crushers components and spare parts in the industry

Cedarapids Rollercone Crushers spare parts provide an improvement to the original with innovative design, durable and lower costs. Users can expect less downtime and better performance with their machines; we have a wide range of parts available.

Improving upon original designs


When crushing hard materials, it’s only a matter of time before vital components start to break. And each broken part adds up. If you’re lucky, it’s just decreased output, which will cost you in overall productivity, but if the machine breaks down entirely? That’s money lost on spare parts, repairs and every hour the machine is out of rotation. Luckily, we have the solution.

The new Cedarapids® Rollercone® Crusher spare parts improve on the originals, meaning a leading brands in roller bearing cone crushers just got even better. Your machines will enjoy better durability and more consistent top-notch performance. Finally, based on the EIJay design, the machines are still the classics you know and love, but with improved efficiency.

EXCEL Cedarapids Crushers spare parts reduce downtime

Our parts offer a range of improvements over the originals. Users will enjoy familiar designs with improved capabilities. 

Improved durability
Highly durable parts help reduce maintenance costs and eliminate unnecessary downtime.
Innovative yet familiar design
Based off the EIJay design, our designs improve upon the original cone crusher components without creating something completely unfamiliar, so you won't have to worry about new accommodations for your crushing machines.
Highest quality standards
Every rollercone crusher part is inspected and tested to ensure they meet the highest level of quality standards.

Spare crusher parts for every aspect of your Rollercone

We have complete overhaul of spare crusher parts needed for the Cedarapids Crushers.

By improving the durability and performance of a range of parts, you will never have to worry what will happen if your machine breaks down. Our newly designed replacement crusher parts will decrease the number of repairs and increase the volume of crushed product.


We offer repair and replacement crusher parts for the following models:


Rollercone Classic® & Rollercone II®: 45″ • 54″ MVP280™ • MVP380™ • MVP450™ • MVP550™

EXCEL spare parts for Cedarapids Cone Crushers include
  • 5-gallon accumulator
  • Adjusting bolt, clamp cylinder, cylinder and shim stack
  • Base frame seal ring, spindle and spindle nut
  • Bevel gear
  • Bonnet and bonnet support
  • Brake cover plate
  • Clamp ring
  • Cone seal ring and torque bar
  • Counterweight
  • Floating plate
  • Lower radial bearing
  • Lower rotation stop
  • Lower thrust bearing
  • Lower wedge plate seal
  • Mantle bolt, nut and nut cap
  • Oil heater and pump
  • Overriding clutch
  • Pinion gear, shaft and shaft bearing
  • Pressure ring bolt and rod
  • Relief cylinder
  • Upper radial bearing
  • Upper rotation stop
  • Upper thrust bearing
  • Upper wedge plate seal
  • Wedge plate

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