Key Benefits

  • Reduced transport costs
  • Shorter loading times
  • Reduced need for operator staff
  • Automated load adjustment
  • Reduced overfilling risk

Optimal wagon loads, every time

For your bulk material to get to where it needs to be, it has to pass through train loading stations. Unfortunately, train loading stations can end up becoming bottlenecks, slowing down your process and costing your business valuable revenue. At the same time, wagon identification and condition, loading errors, incorrect information about wagon sequences and material distribution can all result in problematic and costly overfilling. To combat this, many operations take a more conservative approach to train loading, resulting in reduced capacity and sub-optimal overall performance.

To get the most out of your wagons and ensure a steady, ongoing process, consider the BulkExpert Train Loader from FLSmidth.

BulkExpert Train Loader
The BulkExpert Train Loader takes the guesswork out of loading and unloading. Unlike conventional automated train loading systems, the BulkExpert system takes into account the scanned actual load capacity of wagons and verifies volume utilisation for load optimisation.

To efficiently load each wagon, durable, high-precision 2D scans are combined with discharge weighing. Before entering the loading station, wagons are scanned and identified, and anything resulting in volume or weight abnormalities (such as damage, residual material and open hatch doors) is detected. To ensure proper material distribution, the discharge chute position is dynamically adjusted for each wagon passing through the loading station.

Scanners placed immediately after the discharge chutes provide adaptive loading control, especially used for volumetric optimisation. The full content of the loaded wagon(s) are scanned and verified after loading, and the information is used to provide valuable feedback for the predictive loading controller, which automatically adjusts the filling of the weighing bunkers for the next-in-line wagon.

From a central control station, loading orders for a complete train are started, and the automated system takes full control of the loading process. The train is pulled through the loading bunkers by a remote-controlled tractor. The speed of the train is adjusted during loading for optimised throughput and precision. The entire process is automated, and requires only a single operator to control several train loading systems and take corrective actions in the even that significant deviations are encountered between planned data and actual data.

When it comes to loading bulk materials, guesswork just isn’t good enough. For optimal throughput and accurate loads, the BulkExpert Train Loader is the automated system with the power to help you beat the bottleneck.  

Optimal loading and throughput at less cost

  • Reduced transport costs - Achieve optimal loading capacity with detailed scanning combined with discharge weighing. Get the most out of every wagon, and put your transportation expenses to optimal use.
  • Shorter loading times - Move your bulk materials through quicker with optimised filling of weighing bunkers and automatically adjusted train speeds.
  • Reduced need for operator staff - Save on staff costs and take human error out of the equation. This automated system allows a single operator to control several train loading systems at once.
  • Automated load adjustment - Don’t guess when it comes to optimal train loads. Automated load adjustment ensures that every wagon it carrying the correct amount.
  • Reduced overfilling risk - Don’t risk the dangers of expensive overfilling accidents. Let Bulk Expert™ Train Loader determine the right amounts for every train. 

Proven technology

  • Durable, high precision 2D scanners, combined with discharge weighing to efficiently load each wagon
  • Takes into account the scanned actual load capacity
  • Verifies volume utilisation for load optimisation
  • Exchanges data directly with existing railway planning systems
  • Adaptive and predictive loading controller

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