Key Benefits

  • Serious breakout strength
  • User friendly
  • High productivity
  • Full model range for different applications

Efficient excavation for continuous surface mining

Mine your surface formations with ease using our rugged BWEs. 

With capabilities to carry loads ranging from 150 to 12,000 m3 per hour (200 to 15,700 yd3 per hour), and mining formations with a compressive strength of 20 MPa (2,900 psi) or greater, our BWE line features a modular framework structure that allows it to easily be optimised for a variety of applications.

These efficient BWEs are controlled by modern PLC systems, and are offered with extensive automation possibilities. They feature ergonomic, user-friendly interfaces for operator comfort, quick familiarisation and sustained high productivity. All units are designed to order and are custom-built to match the operating conditions present in your specific application.


Our PE100 range of compact-type bucket wheel excavators are designed for small to medium-size opencast mines. They are ideal for medium bench heights, capacities and applications where manoeuvrability is essential. All models are of rugged construction, with onsite mobility provided by two crawlers. Highly productive for their size and weight, the models in the PE100 range are renowned for their reliability.


Our PE200 bucket-wheel excavators, providing higher capacities and for bigger block heights, are built in a conventional C-frame design. Equipped with a longer bucket wheel boom, the PE200 line of BWE utilises a heavy counterbalance and is seated on an undercarriage with a triangular-crawler travel mechanism. 

compact bucket wheel excavator
Compact Bucket Wheel Excavator

Earth-moving monsters deliver continuous mining productivity

Serious breakout strength
While BWEs typically work in soft- to medium-hard rock, they will reliably mine large quantities of raw materials, including limestone, with compressive strengths up to 20 MPa (2,900 psi) and ever greater. 
User friendly
Controlled by a PLC system, and offered with a wide range of automation capabilities, our BWE interfaces are entirely user-friendly and ergonomic, providing comfort, easy familiarisation and high productivity for the operator.
High productivity
Our PE100 and PE200 lines of BWE offer production capabilities ranging from 150 to 12,000 m3 per hour (200 to 15,700 yd3 per hour), and will perform dependably day in and day out.
Full model range for different applications

The PE100 line is offered in six models, and our PE200 line has two models:

  • PE100-1600/1.5x20
  • PE100-400/0.8x15
  • PE100-550/1x15
  • PE100-700/1x15
  • PE100-1300/1.5x20
  • PE100-1500/1.5x24.4


  • PE200-700/5x20
  • PE200-1400/2x30


Increase productivity for your surface mine with our rugged BWEs

You need an opencast mining system that will dependably produce material day in and day out. Our standard and compact BWEs are ideal for mining applications with soft or medium-hard materials.




This compact machine line is widely used for lignite mining, material handling, and heap leaching processes. It employs a special type of counterweight located below the discharge boom to minimise luffing in cylinder forces. Hydraulic cylinders provide boom hoisting.


Standard features

  • Counterweight below the discharge boom reduces machine size and improves stability
  • Two-crawler undercarriage travel mechanisms offer flexibility
  • Crawler undercarriage tailored to customer requirements
  • Boom hoisting with hydraulic cylinders for simplicity and reliability


Technical data

Belt width
800 mm – 2,000 mm (31.5-in – 78.75-in)
Block height
8 m – 25 m (8.75 yd – 27.3 yd)
Boom length
20 m – 40 m (21.9 yd – 43.75 yd)
up to 7,500 m3 per hour (9,800 yd3 per hour)




The PE200 is our standard-design bucket-wheel excavator with a longer bucket boom, for larger mines, especially those with greater block heights. These machines can strip overburden and remove loose waste from coal, lignite and similar soft minerals. The excavator removes loose materials at a rate of 150 tph to 10,000 tph (165 stph to 11,023 stph). It features a C-frame system for its steel structure, with the counterweight boom located above the discharge boom. The product also offers boom hoisting with a rope system.


Standard features

  • Counterweight location above discharge boom offers flexibility in bucket wheel boom length and weight
  • Undercarriages with multiple crawler travel mechanisms ensure stability and optimised ground-pressure distribution
  • Boom hoisting with rope system maximises vertical bucket wheel reach


Technical data

Belt width
1,400 mm – 2,500 mm
Block height
35 m (38.25 yd)
Boom length
40 m – 65 m (43.75 yd – 71 yd)
12,000 m3 per hour (15,700 yd3 per hour)


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