How to eliminate product quality errors? It all starts with accurate sampling

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Without correct sampling… preparation and analysis are only a lottery

Sampling is the critical first step in the quality control chain. Without correct sampling, the preparation and analysis of cement samples will be compromised. It has been calculated that 80% of quality errors can be sourced to poor sampling, making the need for fit-for-purpose samplers paramount.

We have a pragmatic approach to sampler design and deliver well performing and proven sampling solutions that support the production process throughout the cement plant – including raw materials, raw mill input/output, hot meal, hot clinker, cement mill output and finished cement.


So, you understand the importance of correct sampling and you have found proven, reliable samplers designed for the cement production process. You now need to find a supplier that specialises in the right selection, placement, commissioning, optimisation and maintenance of your samplers and sampling system. Cement is in our DNA. We engineer entire cement plants so we know the processes involved and how to successfully deal with challenging operational environments.


Then you need to get your samples to the lab – quickly, safely and with full traceability.


Our automated sample transport network links our reliable sampling systems to our robotic laboratory cells. For you, this means a true fully automated sampling, preparation and analysis solution with absolute minimal human intervention.


QCX/AutoSampling controls automated sampling and pneumatic transport of sampled material from the process areas to the production laboratory, and remains unmatched in its software functionality and operation.



The many benefits of the combined system include:


  • Fast turnaround time from sampling to analysis
  • Improved product quality and related operational savings
  • Sample traceability and improved quality control
  • Optimised overall sample-taking schedule
  • High system availability
  • Easy connectivity to automated sample preparation systems
  • Less labour requirements, allowing the workforce to undertake other important tasks


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