Key Benefits

  • Good value, low maintenance
  • Can handle high Burnability Index kiln feed
  • Sturdy with minimal wobbling

Classic 3-base kiln with reliable performance and minimal wobbling

When you’re installing a traditional 3-base kiln, you want to focus on performance, not maintenance.

Our 3-base kiln for cement plants delivers that performance plus the longest lifespan on the market. Its precision engineering helps reduce stress on components.

The design of this high-quality three-base rotary kiln system takes a classic approach to the drive station, with a large gear rim that has bolted spring plates welded onto the kiln shell. That means the shell can expand without distorting the gear rim.

Automatic spray lubrication

An automatic spray lubrication system makes sure the gear rim is always greased and ready for work. That helps lower the chance of crack formations.

Our 3-base kiln system can range from 3.6m-6.6m in diameter and 55-104m in length.

Its balanced design ensures optimal stiffness and flexibility, while minimizing wobbling and misalignment.

For 3 base kilns larger than 4.35m in diameter, our customers can choose a semi-rigid design in order in order to ensure adequate support, alignment, and flexibility.

Optional extended design
Dealing with kiln feed with a high burnability index (BI)? Our 3-base kiln system can include an optional extended design made just for this type of feed. It also works well with certain types of alternative fuels.

3-base kiln with long lifespan, low maintenance, high BI feed extension

Good value, low maintenance

This 3-base kiln system has the longest lifespan on the market, and its design allows for easy operation and low maintenance.


Can handle high Burnability Index kiln feed

If you plan to use kiln feed with a high burnability index, our 3-base kiln offers an extend design made for high BI fuel and some alternative fuels.


Balanced design minimises wobbling

Our 3-base kiln’s balanced design reduces stress on components by ensuring optimal stiffness and flexibility.


Online condition monitoring services for kilns

These services come in two packages – Level I and Level II.  Level I is based on existing signals and will help you improve  wear life and identify the root cause of many kiln problems so
that you can react quickly. The Level II package uses additional sensors to continuously monitor kiln crank, kiln shell ovality, kiln drive vibration and axial balance.  Learn more here

Durable design allows for high levels of shell expansion and contraction

High levels of shell expansion and contraction are no problem for this kiln’s drive station with its durable design. Its girth gear and pinion are cast and machined from high-grade steel. Since the girth gear is attached by bolted-on spring pieces welded to the kiln shell, the shell can fully expand.

The pinion and the gear rim are enclosed in a gear guard, protecting them from invasive dust. The gear guard also helps prevent lubrication spillage.

When it comes to supports, each live ring is held up by cast-steel rollers shrunk onto the enlarged diameter of the forged steel shafts. Meanwhile, the rollers themselves are held in place by robust bearings that can accommodate operational irregularities.

Graphite seals at the inlet and outlet of the kiln reduce false air intake, but they allow enough flexibility to follow the kiln’s movements. These seals require no greasing and are almost maintenance-free.

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