PulpMax™ Composite Mill Liners

High-performance SAG and ball mill liners for all minerals processing applications.

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  • Improved throughput

    Built to last longer and occupy less volume within your mill. A longer lasting mill liner means less downtime for maintenance or new liner installation. A mill liner that occupies less space allows increased volume within the mill and leads to greater grinding capacity and throughput potential.

  • Safer maintenance

    50% lighter and have 50% fewer parts on average when compared to traditional cast steel liners. This results in faster relining and quicker installation, keeping your workers inside a hazardous work environment for a shorter time period. The liners are easy to remove and don’t require the use of dangerous equipment like thermal lances. This not only enhances worker safety, but also keeps your mine assets free from potential damage and risk caused by removal equipment.

  • Additional uptime

    Built with high-abrasion and impact-resistant materials. Manufactured to meet your plant’s unique operational conditions and ore characteristics, the liners are engineered to last longer. This allows you to extend periods between scheduled maintenance times.

Liners are only the beginning

In addition to being the OEM supplier of composite, cast steel, and rubber mill liners, we provide the process know-how and service today's mining operations need for peak productivity. With over 135 years of experience in helping customers achieve their goals, let us improve your milling with:


  • Process review and analysis
  • Relining services and technical advisory
  • On-site services - 3D scanning, wear measurements and maintenance forecasts. Inventory control and detailed site and technical reports.
  • Laboratory services - grade and recovery optimisation, ore characterisation and comminution evaluation.
  • SAGwiseTM total process control - digital solutions for mill efficiency.
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