Screen media and materials for all requirements 

Screens media is a small and inexpensive wear part when compared with the major equipment in mining and mineral processing industry. As a consequence of their size and individual cost, they are routinely taken for granted even though poorly performing screen media can result in the loss of production, increased maintenance and downtime and decreased product quality.

The wide array of screen panel media and material options exist because a determination of the ideal screen arrangement must take into account numerous operation and material characteristics. If this is not done, you may be left with a poorly performing screen. 

The good news is FLSmidth provides screen optimisation services and field trials as part of a service to provide personalised recommendations for screen panel media, size, aperture size and shape, position, motion and other features. A few examples of what happened for customers who took advantage of FLSmidth’s screen optimisation service are provided here.


Compare our FLSmidth XIF™ screen panels to competitor's

How certain are you that your screens are as effective as they could be? Making the change to LUDODECK® XIF™ apertures substantially reduces pegging and downtime to save money.  We understand that no single screen solution is right for all circumstances—get the optimisation service that you need to get the most from your screens. Watch our video and contact us to learn how your own screening process can be improved.

Some of the main characteristics taken into account by FLSmidth when assessing your screen needs, include:  

Operation characteristics

  • Application and Process

  • Capacity required

  • Feed rate

  • Percentage of feed being recirculated


Material characteristics

  • Composition

  • Size and size distribution

  • Shape

  • Weight and density

  • Moisture percentage    

  • Abrasiveness

  • Corrosiveness

  • Stickiness

  • Temperature 


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