Handling thousands of tonnes of heavy rocks every day puts pressure on material handling equipment. Consequently, operation stoppages to perform maintenance of chutes and wear liners create bottlenecks and affect operating costs negatively.

FerroCer® Impact Modular Wear Panels eliminate these bottlenecks. The wear panels feature a unique matrix design, which fully utilises the strength and malleability of steel and the superior abrasion resistance of ceramics. Each panel weighs only 5 kilograms making them easy, fast and safe to install.

FerroCer combines easy installation with extra-long wear life, reduced downtime and affordable pricing, ultimately reducing total cost of ownership.

Inspired by natural shapes


When Danny Baric arrived in Australia more than 30 years ago, his English was not yet proficient enough to proceed with journalism, his previous trade in the former Yugoslavia.


Taking a job with a company specialising in rubber wear protection, his journalistic curiosity led him to develop a unique understanding of how materials behave. His work on developing FerroCer began in 2013 when he joined FLSmidth as product manager for wear and thermal products. He was determined to use his knowledge of natural shapes and materials to solve wear challenges for mining customers and developed a new kind of wear panel that was more robust and resistant than rubber and steel.

To date, the FerroCer liner has worked a total of 12,600,000 tonnes passed. Considering an availability of 100% with a feed of 7,500 tph, wear was no more than 3%. At this rate, we expect FerroCer to last at least 10 times longer than the most expensive and recognised wear liner on the market

Danny Baric

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