Societies all over the world are experiencing economic growth. Urbanisation and industrialisation are driving the need for more infrastructure and better standards of living. That is good news for the cement and mining industries. The construction of new roads, ports, and housing depends entirely on the continuous supply of cement. And copper, for example, is a key component of electric vehicles, high-speed trains, distribution of electricity, and renewable energy solutions.

But tapping into these growth opportunities is not as simple as it sounds. Growing scarcity of resources such as energy, water, and raw materials – along with decreasing ore grades and stricter regulations – lead to more complex and costly operations, which, in turn, challenge performance.

To stay competitive in this complex market, cement and minerals producers have to minimise their use of resources, while optimising production and maximising their investment. That’s exactly what we help our customers do. We call this delivering sustainable productivity.

Increase in global consumption in the past 20 years

Powerful digital tools available

The constant focus on capturing sustainable productivity has led to mounting interest in digitalization, which is currently underutilised in the cement and mining industries. With advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, automation, and the Internet of Things (IoT), we have powerful tools at our disposal.


Although still a fairly new prospect in the cement and mining industries, digitalization offers one of the most effective ways to improve plant performance and reduce total cost of ownership. At FLSmidth, we already have a strong digital position through our many years of experience in automating cement plants. It’s our ambition to take digitalization to the next level. This includes making our entire product portfolio smart and self-learning. Through unified IT platforms and data analytics – where big data is collected, analysed and benchmarked – we are now converting these benefits of digitalization into actual productivity enhancing assets.




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