The CO2 emissions from cement production have a massive environmental impact. Our innovative engineers attack this challenge from every possible angle. Making cement production cleaner is a business opportunity for us, a competitive force for our customers – and it’s good for the environment.

Currently, no other construction material is as functional and versatile as concrete and can be used at the same scale globally. That is why producers and legislators alike are looking for ways to make production of cement – the main ingredient in concrete – more sustainable. As the leading supplier of solutions to the premium segment of the cement industry, FLSmidth shares the responsibility to drive the transition and progress towards more sustainable production.

For 137 years, we have added new discoveries to improve the cement process. Now, we combine our extensive process knowledge with new digital solutions that will further enhance our customers’ productivity. Adding digital analysis and calculation power will help find the perfect equilibrium between raw material input, energy consumption in the pyro processing that causes the emissions, and quality of the final product.

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