Hot Kiln Alignments (HKA) are a preventive maintenance strategy that keeps cement kilns operating at maximum efficiency throughout their service life. HKAs help avoid unforeseen breakdowns and maintain full kiln availability and productivity. “We like to say that a HKA is like a diagnosis given by a doctor,” says James Wang, General Manager for Cement Customer Service at FLSmidth China.

We can offer a detailed inspection report to the customer, telling them about the status of their kilns, where they have problems, and how to fix them. “That way the customer can take action before an accident occurs.

James WangGeneral Manager for Cement Customer Service at FLSmidth China
Roller inspection at a customer site.

Increasing focus on service


Wang says the growth in HKAs is part of FLSmidth’s increasing focus on service in the Chinese market.


“We’ve increased our team from 2 kiln specialists to 5, which allows us to service more customers,” Wang says. “In addition, we are offering more internal training on HKAs to increase our specialists’ knowledge and confidence.”


The FLSmidth team expects to perform up to 50 HKAs per year going forward. Among FLSmidth’s customers for the HKAs are some of China’s top cement producers, including Anhui Conch, China United Cement Corporation, Red Lion Cement, and China Resources Cement. 

Hot Kiln Alignment training at a customer site.

More value-added services offered


In addition, FLSmidth has purchased grinding tools for the Chinese market and expects to launch that business in the second half of 2019.


The grinding tools are expected to increase FLSmidth’s ability to help solve some of the issues discovered during the HKA process, ensuring continued kiln operation.  

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