“In an experiment, we saved 2% of the total kWh used from a bag filter with a motor capacity of 2,000KW, or EUR 59,000. In a fierce cement market, where profit margins are under scrutiny and dust and emission regulation tightened we believe our solution will be very welcomed”, says Ole Bøegh, Head of Airtech, which provides a wide range of air pollution control equipment to both the cement and mining industries.

He adds that the SmartPulse EVO II, which is an add on to the SPC Filter control, also minimises the plants downtime. 

Our solution reduces the risk of a critical and costly breakdown as the data we collect shows us when it is optimal to change bags or do maintenance. This enables us to give our customers an extended warranty on our products.

Ole BøeghHead of Airtech
The SmartPulse EVO II is an IoT enabled device. This means that with data analytics it progressively learns the operating conditions of the bag filter and dynamically sets the optimal operating setpoint for the SPC controller. This enables it to continuously vary the cleaning pressure and pulsing time to achieve extended bag life. 


  • Reduces ID fan power consumption
  • Increases production for same fan capacity
  • Increases bag life
  • Reduces compressed air consumption
  • Better understanding on operation using Expert Analytics
  • Reduces carbon footprint 

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Ole Boegh

Ole Bøegh

Senior Vice President, Airtech
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