Sebryakov Cement is one of the largest cement plants in Russia. It has 8 lines – 7 are wet, and 1 is dry – and today it produces 3 million tons of cement per year. Multiple wet process kilns mean high heat consumption and extensive maintenance, so Sebryakov is interested in bringing down its operating costs and modernising the plant by gradually transitioning to dry processes.

FLSmidth has been collaborating with Sebryakov Cement for many years, and has significantly contributed to the modernisation of the plant. In 2005, FLSmidth supplied a cement grinding installation to Sebryakov and since then has carried out two cement cooler projects (in 2006 and 2008) and successfully commissioned a new Multi-Movable Cross-Bar™ clinker cooler in November 2010. In May 2011, a more efficient and reliable FLSmidth dryer crusher was installed on kiln line 8.


The objective

Instead of transforming the raw materials at Sebryakov into slurry, which is then added to the kiln, the ultimate strategy is to gradually convert to a dry process, transitioning all the wet kilns to dry. The new kiln line 5 is the start of this.


Defining the project

Sebryakov was impressed with an FLSmidth project in Poland where the raw materials, containing up to 25% moisture, are fed directly to the dryer crusher/kiln. This dry line is an example of a new concept of direct feeding to the kiln, using the compact dryer crusher and kiln together. The installation has no raw meal storage and the dryer crusher is operating with the kiln as one unit.

The Sebryakov team saw this dry line and realised the same could be done at their plant. With close cooperation between Sebryakov and FLSmidth, and with the expert knowledge and experience of both teams, it was possible to convert to a dry process.

Sebryakov cooler inspection FLSmidth

The solution

In December 2010, Sebryakov and FLSmidth collaborated to design the best solution to replace the existing wet kiln lines 5 and 6 with a new 3575 ton/day clinker line. Since the capacity of the new line is sufficiently big, it may be used to replace several other small kilns if desired in the future.


  • The new line is modern, efficient and compact and includes the following FLSmidth supplied equipment:
  • Roller crushers for chalk (600 t/h) and clay (250 t/h)
  • Raw material mix storage for 2 x 21000 t
  • ET 450x330 Dryer Crusher
  • 3 stage preheater with In-Line-Calciner
  • 2 support rotary kiln (Rotax-2) 4.35mx54m
  • SF Cross-Bar™ Cooler 3x5
  • Upgraded electrostatic filters



“To start with,” explains Anatoliy Lyubimov, head of the new projects department at Sebryakov, “the language barrier with FLSmidth was quite tangible. However, since then, FLSmidth has taken considerable measures to hire Russian speaking specialists among their staff and communication is much easier.”


When it comes to the cooler upgrade, Anatoliy Lyubimov considers the project a success, despite the challenges:

Our rotary kiln is a fairly complex one. We often change the clinker particle size and we often have inconsistent material output flow. However, the clinker cooler copes with these problems as we planned. We now have stable operation of the cooler and stable operation of the rotary kiln

Anatoliy Lyubimov


The new way of working for line 5 is due to be completed in 2013. This complete new kiln line, which includes everything from quarry to clinker, will considerably reduce fuel consumption. The raw materials require special storage and handling but the new storage-system technology allows direct feeding to the dry crusher, saving energy, lowering power consumption and reducing manpower – ultimately resulting in reduced production costs


Less expensive than the competition

“It was not just by chance that we chose to work together with FLSmidth,” says Mr Lyubimov, “We found it less expensive compared to the competition – but more importantly, FLSmidth has a broader experience in slurry injection into the dryer crusher, which is exactly what we need for our production line.”

On-going close partnership means innovation

In December 2011, Sebryakov ordered a Raw Material Flow Divider from FLSmidth. This new, patented equipment will be used for splitting the stream of raw material mixture coming from the new storage for line 5 into two separate streams. This is a joint R&D project between FLSmidth and Sebryakov and has resulted in an innovative method to divide the stream of wet, sticky material in a controlled way. The plan is that this divider, which will be tested and adjusted during commissioning, will be used in future upgrades.

FLSmidth supplied  Date

Cement grinding installation for 120 ton/hour OPC cement;

UMS ball mill with 4250 kW motor operating in closed circuit with Sepax separator

 January 2005
Cement cooler for 120 ton/hour
 August 2006
Cement cooler for 120 ton/hour  January 2008

MMC 7x61 Cross-Bar™ clinker cooler for 1900 ton/day

 July 2009
Exchange of existing dryer crusher with New Dryer Crusher installation  March 2010
Complete new clinker line for 3575 ton/day replacing existing wet lines
 December 2010
Raw Material Flow Divider for 326 ton/hour to split a stream of chalk/clay mixture into two separate streams  December 2011

Bypass system for kiln 8;

Capacity is 10% of kiln gases

 June 2012

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