Challenging upgrades
The existing electrostatic precipitator (ESP) was outdated and had to be replaced in connection with the boiler upgrade in order to ensure particulate emissions at the stack conformed to the current, more stringent emission requirements at the increased gas volume flowrate. 

We already knew what to expect from FLSmidth with this project: a high-performance electrostatic precipitator in a very compact footprint.

Sergey Popov, Project ManagerIlim Group, Koryazhma
Having worked on ESP upgrades for recovery boilers #1 and #3, we were contracted to provide the design and complete supply of parts for the new ESP chambers, ducts, duct supports, access platforms, dampers, external ash transport and supervision of the erection works. 
The electrostatic precipitator  for recovery boiler #5 is just like two other previously executed ESP projects in Koryazhma, installed inside a building, making it a very challenging project for all involved.

Prior to signing the contract, our layout engineers visited the site and performed a 3D scan to be sure our electrostatic precipitator and duct layout would precisely fit the confined space available, utilizing the existing foundation structure and within the existing boiler building.

Keeping everything on track for success

To reduce erection time once dismantling of the existing ESP chambers was complete, the new ESP was pre-erected outside the boiler building and lifted into place in pre-erected sections. The pre-erection and installation of the filter in sections was planned in a close cooperation with Ilim Koryazhma’s project team, thereby ensuring the best possible solution so that the shut down time of the production line was reduced to the shortest possible.

With support from our local and overseas FLSmidth specialists and excellent cooperation with the Ilim Group Koryazhma team, start-up and commissioning of the electrostatic precipitator proceeded smoothly and was delivered on time, on specificiation. 

Having guaranteed a maximum particulate emission of 50 mg/Nm3 at full boiler load with both ESP chambers in operation, Ilim Koryazhma management were pleased to see that measurements taken during the performance test showed just 13 mg/Nm3.

Meeting the challenges of pulp and paper manufacturing

FLSmidth supports the pulp and paper industry in its efforts to reduce emissions and stay in compliance with emission regulations by supplying electrostatic precipitators (ESP), which are the preferred type of air pollution control (APC) equipment. A large number of electrostatic precipitators have been installed at pulp and paper plants based on FLSmidth’s extensive knowledge of the challenges faced by the industry. These include very fine dust particles, sticky dust, risk of fire, and corrosive gasses.

Guaranteed cleaner performance

We are continuously developing the design and technology of our electrostatic precipitators to meet increasingly stringent emission requirements. Our aim is to optimize gas distribution, increase particulate capture with a reduced collecting area/footprint and reduce energy consumption.

Through our extensive product development, we are guaranteeing particulate emissions as low as <10 mg/Nm3

By using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling, we design optimal gas and dust distribution, enabling 100% utilisation of the installed collection area, which, combined with our extensive process know-how and specifically developed equipment technology, in turn reduces the equipment footprint, thereby making a more compact plant layout and reducing erection costs. Despite the more compact design, we still ensure sufficient safety in design to be able to handle increased boiler loads and still operate under the original guarantee values.

Process-specific solutions

We have experience with the design and supply of ESPs for the following three different processes:

  • Recovery boilers
  • Power boilers
  • Lime reburning kilns

Our Technological leadership

  • Custom-made solutions to ensure compliance with emission regulations
  • All types of projects: from new installations to retrofit and upgrade solutions
  • More than 300 installations in the pulp and paper industry in over 30 countries
  • Emission guarantees <10 mg/Nm3

Upgrade existing electrostatic precipitators, regardless of OEM

We have the expertise and resources to enhance the performance of any ESP, regardless of OEM. Whether you want to replace, rebuild, or upgrade, we can make sure you are able to meet your production and emission goals in a cost-effective manner

Ready to get started?

Our global team of APC specialists are at hand to discuss any requests you may have regarding new filter  solutions or upgrade projects. Our goal is to provide solutions that deliver low emission at reduced maintenance costs. The first step could be an onsite performance test of your existing equipment.


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