For cement plant owners today, reliability and durability of equipment are top of mind. Any technology investment needs to deliver on plant production goals, now and in the future.


This is particularly true for crushing equipment, which bears the brunt of constant impact and wear as it is knocked around by the very materials it is designed to process. Here, there are clear economic advantages of increasing wear parts’ lifetime and making maintenance easier.


FLSmidth has recently introduced a crusher based on a strike-bar system, adding to its existing range of crushing equipment. The FLSmidth® Strike-Bar™ Crusher is built to help producers reduce the effect of wear and lower operating costs by combining more than 50 years of experience with impact crushers and the latest technologies. Some of these key technologies and features are discussed below or watch our video about the Strike-Bar Crusher to learn more.


Better materials utilisation

It’s no surprise that wear items in crushers – including strike bars, liners and breaker plates – must be frequently replaced. Yet up until now, for producers with impact crushing systems, it has been a big challenge to slow the wear rate of these consumables. For most, this has pushed up costs and the overall maintenance burden.


Product developers at FLSmidth wanted to tackle this challenge, seeing it as a significant source for savings. The result is a flexible, well-designed crushing system – using highly durable material – that maximises utilisation of wear parts before they need replacing.


To name one example, the strike bars are segmented, where each segment can be easily interchanged, rotated and repositioned. Interchanging between four different positions makes each strike bar usable for up to 50 percent of its original weight. Wear parts in other systems typically need to be discarded at a much earlier stage, which is both expensive and wasteful.


Watch this video about the Strike-Bar Crusher here

‘Five-minute’ alignment

Another innovative development that reduces maintenance time is the unique hydraulic and spring positioning system. This impact crusher is the first crusher that prevents overload and eliminates stoppages. It consists of several hydraulic cylinders, each fitted with a hollow piston containing a spring system. The springs are carefully pre-tensioned to withstand impact during crushing operations.


Ensuring correct alignment of the gap between the rotors and breaker plates is crucial to achieving the desired size of crushed material. Whereas standard impact crushers can take up to several hours to align, this entire system can be easily aligned in just a few minutes thanks to the adjustable hydraulic cylinders, significantly reducing stoppage time.


Rotor and drive system

Key to the crusher’s performance is the robust rotor and drive system. As the heart of the crushing system, the strike bars are mounted on the rotor system. It is designed with three principles in mind:


  • Easy replacement of the strike bars
  • Maximum inertia in the top of the rotor
  • Protection of the non-wear parts

The drive station is based on a proven gear solution – designed for a small footprint and easy maintenance. It includes safe-set coupling and a multi-joint shaft for easy alignment. The rotor design delivers maximum inertia for the crushing process and can be easily replaced with minimum downtime.


Reducing total cost of ownership

A driving goal for FLSmidth is to help cement producers lower the total cost of ownership of their product equipment. When it comes to crushing equipment, FLSmidth’s product developers have focused intently on wear parts as a significant source of savings as well as simplifying maintenance throughout the crusher’s lifetime. With the new FLSmidth Strike-Bar Crusher, FLSmidth has taken a significant step towards achieving the goal.


Find out more about the FLSmidth® Strike-Bar™ Crusher


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