EPCC wanted to do better. Their electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) were producing high emission levels, hurting both their plant's bottom line and their commitment to sustainable production. It was time to make an investment that would protect the future - both for their business and for the planet.

In 2013, EPCC decided to transform their air pollution control systems. In doing so, they sought an industry partner with profound, all-encompassing knowledge of emissions control technology. Fortunately, they found such a partner in FLSmidth.

With FLSmidth, EPCC has achieved a significant reduction of particle emissions - below 15mg/Nm3 for the plants' two older kiln lines. By taking advantage of our industry knowledge, EPCC has effectively strengthened their commitment to sustainability while cutting costs through continued online maintenance, as well as the overall durability of fabric filter bags.

The use of the latest fabric filter technology included FLSmidth's sophisticated gas and dust distribution system, perfect bag-to-cage match and long bag lifetime -- all contributing to the success of the solution.

Ahsen HussainDepartment Manager Sales, FLSmidth

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